Stefan Sanderling: Paul Ladmirault 'In the Forest' Symphonic Poem, Orchestre de Bretagne

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Paul Ladmirault - En Forêt (1932)

Français : Ladmirault, Paul (1877-1944) -- Por...
Français : Ladmirault, Paul (1877-1944) -- Portraits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Conducted by Stefan Sanderling with the Orchestre de Bretagne.

I. L'aurore - 00:00
II. Les amants - 10:04

Paul Ladmirault was a French composer whose music expressed his devotion to Brittany. Claude Debussy wrote that his work possessed a "fine dreamy musicality", commenting on its characteristically hesitant character by suggesting that it sounded as if it was "afraid of expressing itself too much". Florent Schmitt said of him: "Of all the musicians of his generation, he was perhaps the most talented, most original, but also the most modest".