Leopold Hager: Havergal Brian 'The Tigers'

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PART 1: I, Symphonic Variations II, Shadow Dance III, Gargoyles

PART 2: IV, Lacryma V, Green Pastures VI, Wild Horsemen

Havergal Brian (born William Brian, 29 January 1876 -- 28 November 1972), was a British classical composer.

Composition: "The Tigers", originally known as the "Grotesques"
six orchestral movements based on the a burlesque opera in a prologue and three acts. Composed 1917-1919, orchestrated 1921-1922, orchestral movements compiled 1928-1929. Vocal score published in 1932. Full score was lost until its rediscovery in 1977.

Orchestra: Luxembourg Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leopold Hager