Graysteel Poem (Music from Medieval Scotland)

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The Ballad of Graysteil (1497)
English: Porträt of James IV of Scotland; Oil ...
Porträt of James IV of Scotland;
Oil on panel
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Scotland

The Ballad of Graysteil (1497)
publ. in the Straloch Lute Book 1627

Andy Hunter, Ballad singer
Rob MacKillop, lutes
William Taylor, clarsachs (harps)

Greysteil ("Graysteel") was a medieval poem popular in 16th century Scotland, set to music and performed for James IV of Scotland and James V of Scotland. The poem was also called Syr Egeir and Syr Gryme, Eger and Grime, the names of the two knights who fight Greysteil and whose contrasted virtues a
re the poem's real subject.