Igor Golovschin: Scriabin Symphonic Poem (Never published in his lifetime)

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Alexander Scriabin - Symphonic Poem (1896)
An early symphonic poem by Scriabin written when he was 24. Never published in his lifetime.

Conducted by Igor Golovschin with the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

Alexander Scriabin was born into an aristocratic Moscow family, but he had the misfortune of his mother dying when he was just one year old, and his father deciding to leave for Turkey, depositing the young man on his grandmother and great aunt who pampered the boy so endlessly that he grew up with an egocentricity that knew no bounds.

When one reads of all the diversions that came into his life, it is surprising that he had time to do anything at all, but his symphonic output does remain as a landmark in the Romantic era of Russian music.