Mikhail Pletnev: Tchaikovsky Hamlet Incidental Music, Russian National Orchestra

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English: Mikhail Pletnev
English: Mikhail Pletnev (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.
Russian National Orchestra and Mikhail Pletnev.
December 3, 2009

Tchaikovsky, Hamlet - Incidental Music for Shakespeare's tragedy, Op. 67a (1891).

1. Overture
2. Act I Scene 4: Fanfare: A Flourish of Trumpets;
2a. Act I Scene 5: Melodrame: The Ghost tells Hamlet of his father's murder
3. Act II: Entr'acte: Prelude to Scene 1 and first appearance in the play of Ophelia
4. Act I Scene 1: Melodrame: First appearance of Ghost
5. Act III: Entr'acte: Prelude to Scene 1 which features Hamlet's soliloquy
6. Act III Scene 2: Melodrame: The Players enact the Scene of the Poisoning
7. Act IV: Entr'acte: Prelude to Scene 1 - A Room in the Castle
8. Act V: Entr'acte: Prelude to Scene 1 - A Churchyard (Marche)
9. Act V Scene 2: Fanfare: Trumpets sound
10. Act V Scene 2: Marche finale

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