Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Best of TSO


Disc 1 - Tracklist:

Overture (Beethoven's Last Night) - 0:00
Beethoven's Last Night
Beethoven's Last Night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Star to Follow (Christmas Eve and Other Stories) - 03:03
The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (The Christmas Attic) - 06:54
The March of the Kings / Hark the Herald Angel (The Christmas Attic) - 09:11
The Snow Came Down (The Christmas Attic) - 13:11
The Lost Christmas Eve (The Lost Christmas Eve) - 18:58
Christmas Nights in Blue (The Lost Christmas Eve) - 24:34
The Dark (Beethoven's Last Night) - 29:00
Beethoven (Beethoven's Last Night) - 33:30
Wizards in Winter (The Lost Christmas Eve) - 36:32
Night Castle (Night Castle) - 39:42
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 (Christmas Eve and Other Stories, Dead Winter Dead) - 43:46
A Mas Russian's Christmas (Christmas Eve and Other Stories) - 47:13
Midnight/Fate (Beethoven's Last Night) - 51:58
Toccata-Carpimus Noctem (Night Castle) - 55:27
What Good This Deafness (Beethoven's Last Night) - 59:36
Requiem (The Fifth) (Beethoven's Last Night) - 1:01:29
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Christmas Eve and Other Stories) - 1:04:34
The Lion's Roar (Night Castle) - 1:05:52
Embers (Night Castle) - 1:10:30
Christmas Canon Rock (The Lost Christmas Eve) - 1:14:20

Disc 2 - Tracklist:

Time Floats On (Night Castle)
Cover of
Cover of The Lost Christmas Eve
Mephistopheles' Return (Beethoven's Last Night)
Who I Am (Romanov: When Kings Must Whisper)
Dream Child (A Christmas Dream) (The Christmas Attic)
The Silent Nutcracker (Christmas Eve and Other Stories)
Mozart and Madness (Night Castle, Dead Winter Dead)
The Mountain (Prelude to Madness) (Night Castle, Hall of the Mountain King)
Chance (Handful of Rain) (Savatage song but tso preforms live)
What Is Eternal (Beethoven's Last Night)
Siberian Sleigh Ride (The Lost Christmas Eve)
Another Way You Can Die (Night Castle)
Misery (Beethoven's Last Night)
Carmina Burana (Night Castle)
Who Is This Child (Beethoven's Last Night)


Paul O'Neill - Guitars
Robert Kinkel - Keyboards
Jon Oliva - Keyboards
Al Pitrelli - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Jennifer Cella
 Jennifer Cella

Jeff Scott Soto - Night Castle,Another Way You Can Die, Time Floats On
Jon Oliva - Mephistopheles,Misery
Jennifer Cella - Christmas Cannon Rock
Jody Ashworth - What Is Eternal,Mephistopheles' Return,Who Is This Child
Zak Stevens - The Dark,Chance