The Art of Marc-André Hamelin Episode 10

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On this episode of The Art of Marc-André Hamelin:
Hamelin performing works of Ives, Hétu, Kapustin, Liszt , Mozart, Ornstein, Pulkkis, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Reise, Rochberg, Roslavets and Szymanowski.

Hamelin's Szymanowski/Hamelin recital at Kioi Hall, Tokyo

English: Photo I took of Marc-André Hamelin fo...
Photo of Marc-André Hamelin following a performance with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Marc-André Hamelin piano recital (2nd part of the concert) at Kioi Hall, Tokyo, Japan in 2002, consisting of works by Karol Szymanowski.

The program:
Karol Szymanowski - Mazurkas, op. 50 (selections)
No. 1 0:56
No. 2 2:50
No. 3 5:08
No. 4 7:40
No. 13 10:21
No. 15 13:39
No. 6 16:22

Karol Szymanowski - Piano Sonata No. 2
1st mvt 18:52
2nd mvt 27:17

Marc-André Hamelin - Se tu m'ami after Pergolesi from "Con intimissimo sentimento" 45:33
Marc-André Hamelin - Etude No. 6, Omaggio a Domenico Scarlatti 50:16

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Marc-André Hamelin: Nikolai Roslavets Three Etudes, op. 14

Previously on The Art of Marc-André Hamelin:
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Alkan Symphony for solo piano
Alkan Adagio, Op.39 No.9; Live in New York.
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Alkan Allegro Assai, from the Concerto for Solo Piano Op.39; Live '96 New York.
Alkan Concerto da Camera in A Minor, Op. 10 No. 1 , BBC Scotish Symphony, Martyn Brabbins.
Alkan Trois morceaux dans le genre pathetique, op. 15.
Alkan Concerto for Solo piano Mvt. 3
Alkan 3 Grandes Études, op. 76 No. 1, "Fantasy in A flat major" for the left hand alone. Live
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Alkan 3 Grandes Études, op. 76 No. 3, "Rondo Toccata in C" for hands reunited. Live
Alkan Nocturne in B major, op. 22, performed by Marc-André Hamelin, live in Paris, 2008.
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Bach-Busoni Chaconne
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Beethoven Piano Sonatas 31 and 32 Live
Beethoven/Alkan Piano Concerto No.3 in C minor
Berg Piano Sonata Op 1
Bridge, Frank 3 lovely Poems for piano
Busoni Sonatine No. 6, Fantasy on motifs from Bizet's Carmen.
Catoire Cinq morceaux op. 10 No. 1 'Prelude'
Catoire Cinq morceaux op. 10 No. 2 'Prélude'
Catoire Cinq morceaux op. 10 No. 3 'Capriccioso'
Catoire Cinq morceaux op. 10 No. 4 'Rêverie'
Catoire Cinq morceaux op. 10 No. 5 'Légende'
Catoire Poeme, op. 34 No. 2
Catoire Prelude, op. 34 No. 3
Catoire Valse, op. 36
Catoire Vision 'Etude' op. 8
Chaminade, Cécile Theme and Variations
Chopin Ballade No.1 in G minor Op.23. Rec.1997
Chopin Ballade No.3. Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, Switzerland. 2009.
Chopin Ballade No. 4, live in concert.
Chopin Souvenir de Paganini. Fabulous live performance.
Chopin Triple Etude
Chopin-Godowsky Studies 3/14. Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden. 2003.
Chopin-Godowsky Study No. 1 in C major from Op. 10, No. 1
Chopin-Godowsky Study No. 13 in E-flat minor for left hand from Op. 10, No. 6
Chopin-Godowsky Etude op. 25 No. 12 'Ocean' for the left hand alone
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Gershwin Songbook, 18 Songs Live. Transcribed for piano by the composer himself.
Godowsky Etude Macabre
Godowsky The Gardens of Buitenzorg
Godowsky Symphonic Metamorphosis on Die Fledermaus
Godowsky Prelude and Fugue on B.A.C.H, for the left hand alone
Godowsky left-handed study on Chopin - Etude Op.10 No.6 es-moll
Goossens, Eugene Punch and Judy Show
Gounod Funeral March of a Marionette, live 1988
Gnattali, Radamés 3 Chorôs
Grainger Fantasy on Gershwin's Porgy and Bess
Grainger Colonial Song, Live concert recording.
Grainger Country Gardens
Grainger Irish Dance No. 1, March Jig 'Maguire's Kick'
Grainger Irish Dance No. 4, 'A Reel'
Grainger Ramble on Love from Rosenkavalier Ep.4
Grainger Scotch Strathspey
Grainger The Gum-Suckers March
Hamelin, Marc-André: Supervirtuoso, Documentary
Hamelin plays Hamelin: Etude No. 3 "After Paganini-Liszt"
Hamelin plays Hamelin: Etude No.5 'Toccata Grottesca'
Hamelin plays Hamelin: Étude No.7 'Lullaby' for the left hand after Tchaikovsky
Hamelin plays Hamelin: Etude No. 11 'Minuetto', Etude No. 2 'Coma Berenices', Etude 7, Live
Kapustin Concert Etude No. 8 (live)
Kapustin Sonatina, op. 100
Korngold Piano Concerto for the left hand, Osmo Vänskä, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Liebermann, Lowell Nocturne No. 8. World-premiere performance
Liszt Harmonies Poetiques et Religiouses No.3: "Benediction de Dieu dans la Solitude". S.173
Liszt Hexaméron, Morceau de concert, S. 392.
Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody 2
Liszt Paganini Etudes, No. 1 "Tremolando"
Liszt Paganini Etudes, No. 2 "Octaves"
Liszt Paganini Etude No. 5 "La Chasse" (live)
Liszt Paraphrase on Ernani (Verdi)
Liszt Tarantella (S.162)
Paganini Etudes, No. 6 "Theme and Variations"
Liszt Polonaise No. 2
Liszt Recital, New York
Liszt Reminiscences de Don Juan, an Operatic Fantasy after Mozart's Don Giovanni
Liszt Totentanz with the Bremen Philharmonic.
Liszt transcription of Wagner's Isoldes Liebestod
Liszt Un Sospiro
Medek Battaglia alla turca
Medtner Piano Concerto 2 in C minor, Charles Dutoit, Montreal SO
Meddtner scherzo-like Danza silvestra from the first book of Forgotten Melodies, op. 38 No. 7
Medtner 1st piece and 2nd pieces of op. 8, from the Skazki (Fairy Tales)
Medtner Sonata in E Minor "Night Wind", Op. 25 No. 2
Medtner Sonata Romantica Op. 53
Medtner Sonata-Ballade, op. 27 in F-sharp
Medtner Sonata minacciosa, op. 53 No. 2
Mozart Sonata in C major K. 545
Prokofiev Sarcasm, op. 17 No. 1, Live
Ravel Scarbo from Gaspard de la nuit
Saint-Saens Africa
Saint-Saens Piano Concertos 2,4,5; Conductors: Yan Pascal Tortelier, Steven Sloane
Saint-Saens-Godowsky The Swan. Nalen, Stockholm, 2003.
Schnittke Concerto for piano and strings, Hamelin/Scott Yoo
Solfeggietto a Cinque, for player piano
Strauss Cello Sonata, Hamelin and Rolland
Strauss-Godowsky - Symphonic Metamorphosis on "Wine, Women and Song"
Villa-Lobos Rudepoema