Editor's Choice: Musical Destinations


Editor's Choice
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Musical Destinations

From Africa to Antartica
» Kees Bakels: Vaughan Williams Sinfonia Antartica

Algeria (Photo credit: didkovskaya)
English: A view of Hebrizelm Hill in Antartica...
A view of Hebrizelm Hill in Antartica. source: Lyubomir Ivanov (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rome Paris New York
» Jeff van Dyck: Rome Total War Soundtrack
» Enrique Bátiz: Respighi Festival of Rome, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
» Myer Fredman: Paris by Frederick Delius, New Zealand Symphony
» Viva Paris! A Musical Stroll
» Viva New York! A Musical Stroll
» Willi Stech: Wal-Berg Holiday in Paris, ballade for piano and orchestra

From Around The World 
» America: American Harpsichord Music in the XVIII Century