Hélène Grimaud: Beethoven Piano Concerto 4, Christoph Eschenbach

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Hélène Grimaud
Hélène Grimaud
Christoph Eschenbach
 Christoph Eschenbach
Beethoven's 4th Piano Concert in G opus 58 (1808) -
 Royal Albert Hall 2001
(The Proms)

Orchestre de Paris - Conductor Christoph Eschenbach - Piano Soloist Hélène Grimaud.
1st mvt. Allegro moderato..........00:13
2nd mvt. Andante con moto (E minor)..Starts at 19:13
3rd mvt. Rondo (Vivace)...........................Starts at 26:27

The painting is described thus:
The painting is described thus: "Ludwig van Beethoven was recognised as a child prodigy. He worked at the age of 13 as organist, pianist/harpsichordist and violist at the court in Bonn, and had published three early piano sonatas. This portrait in oils is the earliest authenticated likeness of Beethoven." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)