The Art of Martha Argerich Episode 6

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Mozart in 1777, the year of the concerto. Pain...
 The so-called "Bologna Mozart" was copied 1777 in Salzburg (Austria) by a now unknown painter from a lost original for Padre Martini in Bologna (Italy), who had ordered it for his gallery of composers. Today it is displayed in the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica in Bologna in Italy. Leopold Mozart, W. A. Mozart’s father, wrote about this portrait: „It has little value as a piece of art, but as to the issue of resemblance, I can assure you that it is perfect.” (Original text: „Malerisch hat es wenig wert, aber was die Ähnlichkeit anbetrifft, so versichere ich Ihnen, daß es ihm ganz und gar ähnlich sieht.“) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Martha Argerich and Alexandre Rabinovitch play Mozart Sonatas for 2 pianos and piano 4 hands:

Mozart Piano Sonata K448 (2 Pianos)
I Allegro Con Spirito (0:00)
II Andante (7:44)
III Allegro Molto (18:09)

Mozart Piano Sonata K521 (Piano 4 Hands)
I Allegro (24:21)
II Andante (33:07)
III Allegretto (40:00)

Mozart Piano Sonata K381 (Piano 4 Hands)
I Allegro (47:10)
II Andante (52:06)
III Allegro Molto (58:58)