The Art of Yehudi Menuhin Episode 8

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Menuhin plays Bach Concertos Playlist

Eisenach, Bach museum
Eisenach, Bach museum (Photo credit: Pete Reed)
This was originally believed to have been the birthplace of J.S. Bach, and has been a museum to him since 1906
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1-3. Yehudi Menuhin and George Enescu: Bach Double Concerto (for Two Violins
) in D minor BWV 1043
Conductor: Pierre Monteux
Orchestra: Paris Symphony Orchestra
Recorded: June 4, 1932

I. Vivace
II. Largo ma non tanto
III. Allegro

4-6. Yehudi Menuhin and David Oistrakh: Bach Double Violin Concerto in D minor BWV 1043

7-9. Yehudi Menuhin and Christian Ferras: Bach Double Violin Concerto in D minor BWV 1043
Festival Chamber Orchestra conducted by Yehudi Menuhin

10. Yehudi Menuhin and Gioconda de Vito: Bach Double Violin Concerto in D minor BWV 1043, 1st mvt

11. Yehudi Menuhin, Igor Oistrakh and Valery Oistrakh performing second movement of Bach's Triple Violin Concerto with Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

12-14. Yehudi Menuhin: Bach Violin Concerto in A minor
Recorded: February 21, 1936
Conductor: Pierre Monteux
Orchestra: Paris Symphony Orchestra

I. Allegro (non tanto)
II. Andante
III. Allegro assai

15-17. Yehudi Menuhin and Jin Li: Bach Double Violin Concerto in D minor BWV 1043
NewYork UN General meeting assembly hall

18-20. Bach Concerto for Violin and Oboe in D minor, 
Menuhin (violin and conducting),  Christian Ferras (violin), Leon Goossens (Oboe).
Bath Festival Orch., 1958

Yehudi Menuhin (violin, conductor): 
Bach Violin Concertos BWV 1041 and 1042

Robert Masters Chamber Orchestra
Recorded in 1960

View here

Yehudi Menuhin and Christian Ferras: 
Bach Concerto for Violin in E major BWV 1042 and Vivaldi

View here

Menuhin: Bach Orchestral Suites:

Orchestral Suite No. 1 in C major BWV 1066
Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor BWV 1067
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major BWV 1068
Orchestral Suite No. 4 in C major BWV 1069

View here

Yehudi Menuhin: Bach Sonatas and Partitas Playlist
English: Signature of Yehudi Menuhin (from an ...
English: Signature of Yehudi Menuhin (from an autograph card) Deutsch: Unterschrift von Yehudi Menuhin (von einer Autogrammkarte) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1-5. Yehudi Menuhin & Louis Kentner: Bach Sonata No. 6 in G, BWV 1019
(I) Allegro
(II) Largo
(III) Allegro (piano solo: Kentner)
(IV) Adagio
(V) Allegro

Recorded: London, 1951

6-11. Yehudi Menuhin: Bach Violin Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006

I. Preludio
II. Loure
III. Gavotte en rondeau
IV. Menuett I and II
V. Bourrée
VI. Gigue

Recorded: February 3, 1936

12-15. Yehudi Menuhin & Hephzibah Menuhin: Bach Sonata No. 3 for Violin & Harpsichord in E major, BWV 1016

Recorded: March 30, 1938

I. Adagio
II. Allegro
III. Adagio, ma non tanto
IV. Allegro

16-19. Yehudi Menuhin: Bach Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor
Recorded: December 19, 1935

I. Adagio cantabile
II. Fuga - Allegro
III. Siciliano - Mezzo forte
IV. Presto

20. Yehudi Menuhin: Bach Solo Sonata No. 3, Allegro assai
Gewandhaus, Leipzig Germany: 1983
Played as an encore for Brahms Violin Concerto.

21-22. Yehudi Menuhin: Bach Chaconne
recording from around 1935

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5 hours with the music of Bach: BWV 1047, 1048, 1050, 1079, 68, 199, 1060, 1044; BWV 1041 - 1043; BWV 1001 - 1006
Bach Double Concerto BWV 1043 (Menuhin and Ferras)
Bach Chaconne, 1972
Bach Recital - Four Bach Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin, Yehudi Menuhin and Wanda Landowska
Bach Triple Violin Concerto (Yehudi Menuhin, Igor Oistrakh and Valery Oistrakh)
Bach Violin Concertos BWV 1041 and 1042
Bach Violin Sonata No. 4 in C minor BWV 1017, Glenn Gould and Yehudi Menuhin
Bazzini Calabrese op.34
Beethoven Violin Concerto, Ian Whyte conducts BBC Scottish Orchestra, RARE
Beethoven Violin Concerto in D Major Op. 61, Kurt Masur, conductor
Beethoven's Violin Sonata No 1 in D Major, op. 12 with Hubert Giesen (piano).
Beethoven Violin Sonatas Complete, Menuhin and Kempff
Beethoven Violin Sonata 5 'Spring', Menuhin and Kempff
Beethoven Violin Sonata 9 Kreutzer Menuhin and Kempff
Beethoven Violin Sonata 10 in G major Menuhin and Kempff
Bloch 'Avodah'
Brahms Hungarian Dance 4
Bruch Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor Op.26, Ferenc Fricsay, 1961
Bruch Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor Op.26, Efrem Kurtz
Bruch Violin Concerto No 1 in G minor Op.26, Landon Ronald, 1931
Bruch Violin Concerto No 2 Op. 44, Adrian Boult
Cesar Franck Sonata
Chausson poeme Opus 25, Georges Enescu Cond.
Delius Violin Concerto, Meredith Davies, Royal Philharmonic
Dvorak Violin Concerto in A minor, op.53 with Georges Enescu conducting
Elgar Violin Concerto in B minor, Op. 61, Conductor: Sir Edward Elgar
Elgar Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 36 "Enigma", Conductor: Sir Edward Elgar
Enescu Violin Sonata No.3 in A minor Op.25 (Early Recordings)
Grappelli, Stephane and Yehudi Menuhin: BBC Live "Jealousy"
Lalo Symphonie Espagnol
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E minor (Antal Dorati Cond.)
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E minor, George Enescu, Conductor
Nin, Joaquín  Granadina
Paganini Introduction and Variations
Paganini Moto Perpetuo
Paganini Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 6, MS 21, Pierre Monteux, Paris Symphony Orchestra
Paganini Violin Concerto no 1 in D major Op. 6, 3rd mvt
Paganini La Campanella from Violin concerto n°2 in B minor Op.7
Pizzetti, Ildebrando Violin Sonata in A major (Early Recordings)
Prokofiev Violin Sonata No.1 in F minor Op.80 (Early Recordings)
Ravel Pièce en forme de Habañera (1907) for violin and piano (Early Recordings)
Ravel Tzigane, Rapsodie de concert (1924) violin and piano (Early Recordings)
Saint-Saëns Violin Concerto No. 3 in B minor, Op. 61, Gaston Poulet
Sarasate Gypsy Airs Zigeunerweisen Op. 20, No. 1
Sarasate Malaguena
Schubert Ave Maria
Schubert Fantasy for Violin and Piano D 934, Louis Kentner and Yehudi Menuhin
Schubert Rondeau brillante, in B minor D.895 (Op.70) (Early Recordings)
Schumann Violin Concerto, Sir John Barbirolli
Schumann Violin Sonata No.2 in D minor Op.121 "Große Sonate" (Early Recordings)
Szymanowski Notturno e Tarantella Op.28 (1915) for violin and piano (Early Recordings)
Vieuxtemps Violin concerto no.4 in D minor op. 31, Walter Susskind
Vieuxtemps Violin concerto no.5 "Grétry" in a minor op. 37, Anatole Fistoulari
Wieniawski Scherzo Tarantelle
Walton Violin Concerto, Walton, Conductor