Haydn Welsh Songs Collection

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Joseph Haydn - Welsh Songs for George Thomson I

Lorna Anderson, soprano. Jamie MacDougall, tenor. Haydn Trio Eisenstadt. Harald Kosik, piano. Verena Stourzh, violin. Hannes Gradwohl, cello.

Welsh Songs I - Hela'r ysgyfarnog. Hunting the hare, Hoboken XXXIb:33
Welsh Songs I - Anhawdd ymadael. Loth to depart, Hoboken XXXIb:57
Welsh Songs I - Y Cymry dedwydd. The happy Cambrians, Hoboken XXXIb:32
Welsh Songs I - Happiness lost, Hoboken XXXIb:42
Welsh Songs I - Maltraeth, Hoboken XXXIb:36
Welsh Songs I - Reged, Hoboken XXXIb:38
Welsh Songs I - The Cornish May song, Hoboken XXXIb:21
Welsh Songs I - Calenig. New Year's gift, Hoboken XXXIb:60
Welsh Songs I - Pant corlant yr wyn - neu, Dafydd or Garreg-las. The lamb's fold vale - or, David of the blue stone
Welsh Songs I - Digan y pibydd coch. The red piper's melody, Hoboken XXXIb:34
Welsh Songs I - Wyres Ned Puw. Ned Pugh's grand daughter, Hoboken XXXIb:19
Welsh Songs I - Y gadly's. The camp-palace - or, Leader's tent oftener called, Of a noble race was Shenkin, Hoboken XXX
Welsh Songs I - Blodeu Dwynedd. The flower of North Wales, Hoboken XXXIb:58
Welsh Songs I - Yr hen erddigan. The ancient harmony, Hoboken XXXIb:37
Welsh Songs I - Ton y ceilog du. The note of the black cock, Hoboken XXXIb:18
Welsh Songs I - Y Brython. The Britons, Hoboken XXXIb:51
Welsh Songs I - Triban gwyr Morgannwg. war song of the men of Glamorgan, Hoboken XXXIb:55
Welsh Songs I - Erddigan Caer y Waun. The ministrelsy of Chirk Castle, Hoboken XXXIb:27
Welsh Songs I - Rhyfelgyrch Cadpen Morgan. Captain Morgan's March, Hoboken XXXIb:8
Welsh Songs I - Llwyn onn. The ash grove, Hoboken XXXIb:7
Welsh Songs I - Cwynvan Brydain. The lamentation of Britain, Hoboken XXXIb:43a

Joseph Haydn - Welsh Songs for Georg Thomson III

Welsh Songs III - Dafydd y Garreg-wen. David of the White Rock, Hoboken XXXIb:4
Welsh Songs III - Maldod arglwyddes Owen. Lady Owen's favourite, Hoboken XXXIb:45
Welsh Songs III - Ffarwel Ffranses. Farewell, Frances, Hoboken XXXIb:13
Welsh Songs III - Y stwffwl. The door clapper, Hoboken XXXIb:50
Welsh Songs III - Y maelerwr. The poor pedlar, Hoboken XXXIb:53
Welsh Songs III - Cerdd yr hen-wr or coed. The song of the old man of the wood, Hoboken XXXIb:39
Welsh Songs III - Ffarwel jeuengetid. Adieu to my juvenile days, Hoboken XXXIb:40
Welsh Songs III - Tros y garreg. Over the stone, Hoboken XXXIb:17
Welsh Songs III - Grisiel ground. Crystal ground, Hoboken XXXIb:15
Welsh Songs III - Mentra Gwen. Venture Gwen, Hoboken XXXIb:6
Welsh Songs III - Torriad y dydd. The dawn of day, Hoboken XXXIb:3
Welsh Songs III - Gorhoffedd gwyr Harlech. The march of the men of Harlech, Hoboken XXXIb:2
Welsh Songs III - Hob y deri dando. Away, my herd, under the green oak, Hoboken XXXIb:I1
Welsh Songs III - Codiad yr hedyyd. The rising of the lark, Hoboken XXXIb:1
Welsh Songs III - Blodeu'r gwynwydd. The blossem of the honey suckle, Hoboken XXXIb:54
Welsh Songs III - Eryri wen. The white mountains - or, Hoar cliffs of Snowdon, Hoboken XXXIb:20
Welsh Songs III - The lamentation of Cambria, Hoboken XXXIb:43b
Welsh Songs III - Digan y pibydd coch. The red piper's melody, Hoboken XXXIb:34
Welsh Songs III - Castell Towyn, Towyn Castle, Hoboken XXXIb:26
Welsh Songs III - Morva Rhydlan. The Marsh of Rhuddlan, Hoboken XXXIb:49