The Art of Marc-André Hamelin Episode 9

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George Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F major. The soloist is Marc-André Hamelin, the conductor is Leonard Slatkin.

1st mvt: 1:04
2nd mvt: 14:37
3rd mvt: 27:39

Hamelin on Liszt Playlist:
Caricature of Franz Liszt. Caption read
Caricature of Franz Liszt. Caption read "the Abbé". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Marc-André Hamelin performs Liszt Totentanz with the Bremen Philharmonic.

2. Marc-Andre Hamelin plays Liszt Harmonies Poetiques et Religiouses No.3: "Benediction de Dieu dans la Solitude". S.173

3. Hexaméron, Morceau de concert, S. 392. Grande variations sur le march des Bellini's "I Puritains." Collaborative work with variations written by Liszt, Thalberg, Pixis, Herz, Czerny, and Chopin. Most of the content and editing is by Liszt. Performed by Marc-André Hamelin, live 28/03/07.

Introduction: Extremement lent (Liszt)
Tema: Allegro marziale (transcribed by Liszt) 3:19
Variation I: Ben marcato (Thalberg) 4:36
Variation II: Moderato (Liszt) 5:27
Variation III: di bravura (Pixis) - Ritornello (Liszt) 7:49
Variation IV: Legato e grazioso (Herz) 9:02
Variation V: Vivo e brillante (Czerny) - Fuocoso molto energico; Lento quasi recitativo (Liszt) 10:15
Variation VI: Largo (Chopin) - (coda) (Liszt) 13:19
Finale: Molto vivace quasi prestissimo (Liszt) 15:37

4. Marc-Andre Hamelin plays Reminiscences de Don Juan, an Operatic Fantasy by Liszt after Mozart's Don Giovanni.

5. Marc-André Hamelin performs Liszt Polonaise No. 2. Liszt famously refused to hear this piece at his masterclasses, as it was "overplayed and frequently badly played". He would've liked Hamelin's

6. Hamelin plays Liszt Un Sospiro
Casals Hall, Tokyo.
11th December 1997.

7. Franz Liszt's transcription of Richard Wagner's Isoldes Liebestod (Isolde's love death) from the opera Tristan und Isolde. Marc-André Hamelin performs, live at concert.

8. Franz Liszt's virtuoso Paganini Etudes, No. 1 "Tremolando". Played live by Marc-André Hamelin.

9. Franz Liszt's virtuoso Paganini Etudes, No. 2 "Octaves". Played live by Marc-André Hamelin

10. Hamelin - Etude No. 3 "After Paganini-Liszt"
English: A picture of one of Franz Liszt's pia...
English: A picture of one of Franz Liszt's pianos from his apartment in Budapest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

11. Hamelin plays Liszt - Paganini Etude No. 5 "La Chasse" (live)

12. Franz Liszt's virtuoso Paganini Etudes, No. 6 "Theme and Variations". Played live by Marc-André Hamelin.

13. Liszt: Paraphrase on Ernani (Verdi), Live Concert in Canada

14. Hamelin plays Liszt 'Tarantella (S.162)

1. Hamelin plays Hamelin - Étude No.7 'Lullaby' for the left hand after Tchaikovsky
Les Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad, Switzerland.
6th February 2009.

2. Hamelin: Etude No.9 d'après Rossini

3. Hamelin's Etude No.5 'Toccata Grottesca'

4. Hamelin plays Prokofiev - Sarcasm, op. 17 No. 1, Live

5. Godowsky's 'Etude Macabre'

6. Marc-André Hamelin: Gounod Funeral March of a Marionette, live 1988

7. Marc-André Hamelin: Sir Eugene Goossens Punch and Judy Show
Eugéne Goossens' miniature The Punch and Judy Show, the 6th piece from his set of 12 pieces "Kaleidoskop", op. 18. Played by Marc-André Hamelin

8. Hamelin plays Kapustin - Concert Etude No. 8 (live)

9. Hamelin plays Kapustin - Sonatina, op. 100

10. Lowell Liebermann's intoxicating Nocturne No. 8. World-premiere performance by the dedicatée, Marc-André Hamelin in New York, 2003. Hamelin and the Liebermann champion Stephen Hough really should record some of Liebermann's ear-catching Nocturnes.

11. Ferruccio Busoni's sparkling Sonatine No. 6, Fantasy on motifs from Bizet's Carmen. Performed by Marc-André Hamelin in the Wigmore Hall, on the same legendary concert where he performed Beethoven/Alkan Piano Concerto No. 3 and Alkan's 3 Grandes Etudes, op. 76.

12. Marc-André Hamelin: Clément Doucet Chopinata and Isoldina
Clément Doucet's jazzy paraphrases on works of Chopin and Wagner, entitled "Chopinata" and "Isoldina". Played by Marc-André Hamelin