Georgii Cherkin: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 3 Live

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"The story of this recording is pretty interesting. Just a week before this performance I was in Poland for a piano recital and still didn't know about it. I had a telephone call from my managers, that a cellist, who had to play Dvorak - the cello concerto had just broken her hand, so there was an urgent need of a soloist to play some concerto with orchestra. Since Rach 3 was my favorite concerto I told them, that I want to play this one (although it is known to be one of the most difficult concertos). So I had only a week to prepare myself for this performance and also the conductor, who was prepared for Dvorak but not Rachmaninoff.

Here is the result, a live performance of Rach 3, prepared just within a week by all musicians. It is by all means no perfect, but very spontaneous and different, telling a story of a fantasy world far away from here. Since it is not a regular performance you may like it a lot for its rich musical presence or not like it at all if you compare it to other perfect (but not live) performances. Anyway I hope that you will enjoy this music."
- Georgii Cherkin