The Art of Joseph Szigeti Episode 2

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On this episode:
Josef Szigeti performs works of Berg, Beethoven, Busoni, Brahms, Bach, Debussy and Prokofiev.

Josef Szigeti: Berg Violin concerto "To the Memory of an Angel". Playlist
Conductor: Dimitri Mitropoulos
Minneapolis Symphonic orchestra

Joseph Szigeti: Prokofiev Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major, Op. 19.
Thomas Beecham conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
August 23, 1935

1. Andantino - Andante assai
2. Scherzo - Vivacissimo
3. Moderato - Andante - Allegro moderato

1-3. Josef Szigeti: Beethoven Vn Concerto in D major,Op61

4-7. Josef Szigeti: Prokofiev Sonata violin and piano No.2 in D major

8-10. Joseph Szigeti and Bela Bartok plays Debussy Violin Sonata Live. Library of Congress, Washington D.C.13.04.1940

11-14. Joseph Szigeti and Clara Haskil: Busoni Violin Sonata no.2
3.Andante piuttosto grave
4.Alla marcia: Vivace

15-17. Joseph Szigeti and Egon Petri: Brahms Violin Sonata no.3
1. Allegro
2. Adagio
3.Un poco presto e con sentimento
4. Presto agitato
Date: 1937

Joseph Szigeti and Carl Flesch: Bach Concerto for Two Violins
Orchestre dirigé par Walter Goehr

Vivace - Largo ma non tanto - allegro

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