Oleg Marshev: Paul Pabst Piano Concerto, Vladimir Ziva

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Paul Pabst Concerto for piano and orchestra in E flat major, Op. 82 (1882)

I. Allegro maestoso [0:00]
II. Andante cantabile - [12:28]
III. Allegro assai [21:29]

A piece for piano and orchestra by Russian composer and pianist Pavel [Paul] Pabst (1854-1897), his only orchestral work. Born Christian Georg Paul Pabst in Königsberg, East Prussia, the young pianist was fortunate to meet Anton Rubinstein when he came to Königsberg to oversee a musical event. Pabst moved to Russia, where he was quickly offered a post at the Moscow Conservatory by Nikolai Rubinstein, Anton's brother. In Moscow, Pabst frequently gave recitals (occasionally together with the young Sergei Rachmaninov), and he came to be regarded as one of the foremost virtuosos of his generation. Pyotr Tchaikovsky described him as a "pianist of divine elegance" and a "pianist blessed by God himself". Pabst was particularly renowned for his interpretations of Schumann and Liszt. His own compositions were mostly for piano - his fantasies and paraphrases on music from famous Russian operas and ballets are fairly well known - but he did publish one orchestral work, the Piano Concerto Op. 82. Pabst gave the premiere himself in November 1882 in Moscow with conductor Max Ermansdorfer.

Pianist: Oleg Marshev
Conductor: Vladimir Ziva
South Jutland Symphony Orchestra