Wall Street Journal's Best Stories of 2013

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On The Front Page: The WSJ 2013 Year in Review

From disease fighting robots to the struggles of war veterans coping with PTSD, here's a look at some of The Wall Street Journal's most compelling front-page videos of 2013.

Wall Street Journal's Best Stories of 2013

From politics to celebrity, science to cinema, here is a look at some of the Wall Street Journal's biggest stories of 2013.

1. The Year in Politics 2013
For Democrats and Republicans, 2013 was a year of learning from what worked (or didn't work) in
2012 and laying the groundwork for the all-important 2014 midterms. But for both sides of politics, the year provided its fair share of surprises and setbacks.

2. Top Celebrity Moments From 2013
From Miley Cyrus to the Royal Baby, 2013 had plenty of celebrity-fueled stories. Here's a look at some of the year's biggest moments, plus a who's who of the stars that graced the WSJ offices.

3. The Top Ten Movies of 2013
From monsters in college to post-apocalyptic reality TV killing games, 2013 has been quite a year at the movies. See which ones made the top 10 in year-end box office numbers.

4. Lonely Planets and More: Top Space Stories in 2013
The universe was filled with stories in 2013. Scientists found a planet without a star to orbit and evidence of water on ancients Mars. A Dutch company is getting ready to send humans to Mars. WSJ's Monika Vosough reports on these and other top space stories in 2013.

5. 2013 WSJ Cafe; Mary J. Blige, Keith Urban & More!
In 2013, the WSJ Café hosted an eclectic mix of music stars, ranging from Keith Urban and Mary J. Blige, to Emmylou Harris and Bobby McFerrin. Here are some highlights from their performances and interviews.

6. Top Five Video Games of 2013
Gamers this year likely had a hard time keeping up with all the new releases. The WSJ's Tobias Reeuwijk boils it down to the top five essentials for 2013.

7. The Top Five Health Stories of 2013
From new research questioning bed rest during pregnancy to a snack food that's as addictive as cocaine, WSJ Live finds the top five health stories of the year. Photos: AP, Getty