Game Changers Episode 2: Reid Hoffman Revealed

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Bloomberg Game Changers: selected episodes
Game Changers Episode 2: Reid Hoffman Revealed

Reid Hoffman
Reid Hoffman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Reid Hoffman, the entrepreneur who created LinkedIn, is also the embodiment of it. As the most connected man in Silicon Valley, Hoffman has leveraged his own vast web of personal and professional connections to get in on the ground floor of most of the hot tech companies of the past decade, including Facebook Zynga, Flickr, and Digg. Bloomberg Game Changers features an interview with Hoffman. Additional interviews include Peter Thiel, a college friend and former Paypal founder, David Sze, partner at Greylock, Dave Goldberg, former Yahoo executive and longtime friend, Cyriac Roeding, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and CEO of shopkick, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Linked In co-founder Allen Blue, and Richard Gingras, a former boss of Hoffman from his days at Apple Computer. (Source: Bloomberg)

An original Bloomberg documentary series providing a compelling look at the business leaders and entrepreneurs who climbed to the top and changed our world: Mark CubanRalph LaurenMark PincusWarren Buffet and more.

Bloomberg's "Game Changers" goes from Harvard dorm rooms to NASDAQ trading floors to reveal the Facebook CEO's sheer and sometimes stubborn determination. (Source: Bloomberg)

An original documentary series, Bloomberg Television's "Game Changers" provides a compelling look at the business leaders and entrepreneurs who climbed to the top of their fields and changed our world. How did Warren Buffett become the most successful businessman in America? What drove Jeff Bezos to make the world's largest online retailer? How did Reed Hastings transform the world of movies with Netflix? These in-depth profiles and those of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Harry Potter's creator JK Rowling, entrepreneur Mark Cuban, fashion designer Ralph Lauren, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, tell their stories with candid, exclusive interviews and personal accounts from the people who helped these business leaders along the way.

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