This Is Modern Art: All 6 Episodes

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This Is Modern Art: screenshot
This Is Modern Art was a six-part TV series written and presented by the English art critic Matthew Collings. It was broadcast in 1999 on Channel 4.

1. I Am a Genius
Ep 1 Focuses on the current state of modern art, and looks back at Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol to see how they changed the definition of art.

2. Shock! Horror!
Ep 2 Revealing the ways modern art attempts to shock the audience.

3. Lovely Lovely
Ep. 3 Investigates on whether the once accepted view of art as merely a thing of beauty prevails today, examining the works of various artists.

4. Nothing Matters
Ep. 4 Focuses on minimalist art.

5. Hollow Laughter
Ep. 5 is an examination on the jokes used in modern art.

6. The Shock of the Now
Ep.6 is an exploration of the authenticity of modern art and the media hype that often surrounds it, asking if it can be accused of repeating the art of the past.