Copenhagen Classic: Korngold String Sextet in D major Op.10

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Eric Wolfgang Korngold - String Sextet in D major op. 10
Copenhagen Classic, the only professional string sextet in Denmark:

English: Erich Wolfgang Korngold, 1912 postcar...
 Erich Wolfgang Korngold, 1912 postcard when he was 15 years old (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Johannes Søe Hansen, violin
Arne Balk-Møller, violin
Katrine Bundgaard, viola
Ida Speyer Grøn, viola
Ingemar Brantelid, cello
Henrik Brendstrup, cello

I: Moderato allegro
II: Adagio
III: Intermezzo (Moderato, con grazia)
IV: Finale (Presto)

When, at the age of 17, Erich Wolfgang Korngold composed his string sextet he was already a widely recognised and much-admired wonder child in Vienna of his time. Everywhere his work was recived with enthusiasm and the great composers praised his talent unanimously. Mahler called him a genius and Richard Strauss conducted many of his orchestral works.
Korngold's music was advanced but also melodious and romantic and, contrary to many of his contemporary colleagues in Vienna like e.g. Arnold Schöberg, Korngold held on to this tonal yet harmoniously original way of writing throughout his entire life and career.

The relationship between Korngold and Schönberg, two very different characters, was further restrained by the fact that Korngold's father was a much feared music critic at DIE PRESSE who led a life-long crusade against the modernism of the so-called New Vienna School of which Schönberg was the most distinguished representative.

His father's occoupation became something of an obstacle to the son's career and this engendered a fair share of gossip and intrigues, yet still young Korngold's talent was undeniable and he recaped the fruits of his talent rigth until the end of his life and career when he lived in America and wrote film music for Hollywood for which he recived two Acadamy Awards,. Ironically a warm friendship developed in America between Korngold and Schönberg who had also been forced into exile by nazism and WW2.