Brian Tyler: Interviews and Scoring Sessions

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Brian Tyler: Interviews and Scoring Sessions (playlist)

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Brian Tyler
Brian Tyler
1. 2013 BMI Film/TV Awards Red Carpet Interview: Brian Tyler

2. This interview discusses major spoilers for Iron Man 3. There is an audible warning in the interview before we discuss them. Avoid the following times if you'd like to listen to the interview and avoid spoilers (7:40 - 10:26). Interview Conducted by Kaya Savas

The super talented and busy Brian Tyler chats about his awesome score to Iron Man 3 and shares a bit about his upcoming score for Now You See Me. We dive right into Iron Man 3 and discuss his collaboration with director/co-writer Shane Black and what the goals for the music were. Brian shares his process for creating the big bold theme that highlights the score and infusing a sense of emotional weight for the film and Stark's character. We also discuss his approach to the Mandarin and how he handled the antagonist of this story. This leads to Tyler discussing the state of super hero scores, what he thinks a super hero score should be and he also weighs in on other composers' takes on various super hero films. Brian also shares his influences behind the caper action-thriller Now You See Me and how he really wanted to make a throwback score to the amazing caper films of the 60's with composers like Henry Mancini as a major influence. Another fantastic interview with the always fun Brian Tyler. Enjoy.

Brian Tyler
Brian Tyler
3. Composing The Expendables score with Brian Tyler
4. Brian Tyler Interview On BETA TV
5. Brian Tyler Interview Transformers Prime
6. Writing Music for Fast and Furious 5
7. Brian Tyler "The Expendables 2" Interview
8. A short documentary with Sylvester Stallone and Brian Tyler being interviewed about the process of scoring the music for Rambo
9. Julia Price invades award-winning Brian Tyler's Studio
Brian Tyler 2011
Brian Tyler 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
10. Behind the scenes featurette and interview of Brian Tyler scoring the film "War" and conducting the London Symphony Orchestra.
11. Movie Geeks United speaks with composer Brian Tyler about his career in film composition.
12. Brian Tyler On Writing and Conducting Music
13. Brian Tyler - Tokyo Drift - Soundtrack.Net interview
14. SoundCast Interview with Composer Brian Tyler
15. Need for Speed The Run - Driving The Sound
16. Brian Tyler - Universal Studios Centennial Logo Behind the Scenes
17. Composer Brian Tyler and Varese-Sarabande President Robert Townson inte
rviewed at the 30th Anniversary of record label Varese-Sarabande celebration.
18. Brian Tyler conducts his score for Steven Spielberg's "Terra Nova" at the 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage. The piece is called "Cycles of Time." Producers include Brannon Braga, Rene Echevarria, and Jon Cassar.
19. Brian Tyler conducts a cue from Terra Nova at 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage
20. Recording session footage of Brian Tyler conducting his score to "Battle: Los Angeles."
21. A behind the scenes look at Brian Tyler composing the score for the massive online multiplayer game "Lego Universe."
22. behind the scenes footage from the recording sessions of "Law Abiding Citizen" by composer Brian Tyler featuring the director F. Gary Gray, producers Robert Katz and Lucas Foster, the Hollywood Studio Symphony, and Brian's music team.The track is called "Methodology" from the soundtrack to the film.