Mark Braunstein: Elgar Viola Concerto (Arranged from the Cello Concerto)

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Edward Elgar "Viola Concerto" arranged from the Cello Concerto by Lionel Tertis
Mark Braunstein, viola
Academy of London
English: Brinkwells Cottage, near Bedham The c...
Brinkwells Cottage, near Bedham The cottage was once the home of Sir Edward Elgar. He used this as a country retreat from 1917 to 1920 and it was here that he composed his famous cello concerto. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Richard Stamp, conductor
London VI.1987

"Adagio - Moderato"

Elgar`s Cello Concerto, first performed in 1919,has become one of the best-loved in the entire repertoire.

In 1929 the viola player Lionel Tertis, who had dedicated his life to rescuing the "Cinderella of the orchestra" from neglect, transcribed the concerto. Elgar approved the transcription and Tertis was delighted when the composer agreed to conduct the first performance.
Elgar aged about 60
Elgar aged about 60 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)