John Williams Conducting His Own Works and More

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John Williams conducting:

John Williams, composer of the first three fil...
John Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1. War Horse - Orchestral Premiere - Watch in HD
Featuring flute soloist Mira Magrill and the Young Musicians Foundation Debut Orchestra, Maestro John Williams conducts the orchestral premiere of his composition for War Horse at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

2. John Williams conducting Michel Legrand at the Boston Pops
3. Flight to the neverland (Hook main title)
4. The Days Between (from Stepmom), Boston Pops
5. Quidditch from Harry Potter, Boston Pops
6. Harry Wondrous World, from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Boston Pops
7. For Always featuring Lara Fabian and Josh Groban with the Boston Pops
8. Main theme from the movie E.T
9. Evergreen featuring Lara Fabian with Boston Pops
10. Call of the champions, Boston Pops
11. The Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Suite, Boston Pops
12-14. Aretha Franklin and John Williams
15. Close Encounter Of The Third Kind and Superman
16. Theme From Schindler's List featuring Itzhak Perlman

17. John Williams Medley
Host : Richard Dreyfuss
Track list :
-Star Wars
- Indiana Jones
-Star Wars

18. Theme From Far and Away featuring
 Itzhak Perlman
19. The Star Wars Suite
20. Tango From Scent of a Woman featuring
Itzhak Perlman
21. Overture To Lawrence Of Arabia (Composer: Maurice Jarre)
22. Love Theme From Cinema Paradiso featuring
Itzhak Perlman
23. Olympic Fanfare (1992), Boston Pops
24. Far & Away (1992), Boston Pops
25. A Place in the Sun Suite
26. Star Wars featuring Darth Vader, C3PO and R2D2
27. The Imperial March
28-29. Angela's Ashes Suite (John Williams: Composer, Conductor and Piano; Cello : Yo-Yo Ma)
30. Music from JFK movie
31. The Cowboys Overture
32. Sound The Bells
33. Star Wars Main Theme, Boston Pops
34. Star Wars Parade of the Ewoks
35. E.T. - Adventures on Earth
36. Theme from Born on the Fourth of July
37. Olympic Fanfare and Theme
38. Devil's Dance
39. March from Superman
40. The Sugurland Express
41. The Raiders March
42. The Stars & Stripes Forever (Sousa)
43. Escapades for alto saxophone and orchestra main title
44. Escapades for alto saxophone and orchestra - recollections (Alto Sax: Dan Higgins)
45. Escapades for alto saxophone and orchestra - the float (Alto Sax: Dan Higgins)
46. Buckle Down Winsocki
47. The Inquirer (citizen kane) from Bernard Herrmann
48. Theme From The Accidental Tourist
49. Beauty and the Beast (Composer: Alan Menken)
50. Reverie (Harmonica: Robert Bonfiglio)
51. Home Alone (excerpts) with the Boston Pops
52. Exultate Justi (Empire Of The Sun) with the Boston Pops
53. Excerpts from '2001'
54. Hoagui Carmichael Suite
55. Theme from Jaws, Boston Pops

John Williams conducts his Celebration 2001: The Unfinished Journey

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