Artis Quartett: Karl Weigl String Quartet 1 in C minor

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Karl Weigl (1881-1949) - String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 20 (1904)
Artis Quartett

I. Allegro con fuoco - Stürmisch bewegt [0:00]
II. Adagio - Sehr langsam [10:28]
III. Wild und bacchantisch - Furioso [22:27]
IV. Andante moderato - Sehr langsam [34:21]

«Karl Weigl's music will not be lost. We will return to it after the storm has passed. We will return to those who have written real music.»
- Pablo Casals

«I always considered Dr. Weigl as one of the best composers of the old school; one of those who continued the glittering Viennese tradition. He truly preserves this old culture of musical spirit which represents the best of Viennese tradition.»
- Arnold Schönberg