Victor Pablo Perez: Andrés Gaos Symphony 2 "In The Mountains of Galicia"

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Andrés Gaos Symphony No. 2 "In The Mountains of Galicia" (1917)
Conducted by Victor Pablo Perez with the Orquesta Sinfonica de Galicia

I. Andante Mosso - 00:00
II. Andante - 11:54
III. Allegro Moderato - 22:57

Andrés Gaos Berea (1874-1959) was a Galician composer and violinist

In 1884 he enrolled in the Music Center of La Coruña . Later obtained a grant from the Council and moved to Madrid to continue his studies at the Conservatory. In 1888 he returned to La Coruña and got scholarships to study in Paris and Brussels . In 1895 he went to America and went to teach music in Buenos Aires and Montevideo . In 1896 he married the American singer Montenegro, with whom he had five children, and set his primary residence in Buenos Aires, but settled for very prolonged periods, sometimes years in France for reasons of their concert tours. In 1917 he divorced and married young Louise Guillochon (his student), with whom he had three children.

His activity from 1930, developed primarily in Argentina , although sometimes visited his hometown to deliver a concert. From 1899 published works for singing and piano and Havana for violin and piano. Between 1912 and 1916 he composed a number of songs, one of which was awarded by the Association Wagner of Buenos Aires. In 1916 he won a prize in Tucuman where transcurre to share their only forbidden love opera - the music and lyrics of the official anthem of the Centenary of the Independence of Argentina. In 1917 composed elegió for piano and violin , dedicated to his friend Pablo Casals never played. His last performance in A Coruña was in 1927 . Among other compositions included two of his works, including the Argentine Dance No. 3 , which achieved a great success.

His second symphony is in 3 movements and it was composed between 1917 and 1919, Gaos only listened to its last movement "Country Dance". Its worldwide premiere took place 15 years after his death, in July 1974; during the Galician Workshops organized by the Galician Centre of Buenos Aires and it was performed by the National Radio Youth Orchestra conducted by Washington Castro.