Detroit Symphony Orchestra series: 8 Days in June Music Festival

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Detroit Symphony Orchestra series - 8 Days in June Music Festival 2008
Witness the next evolution of music.

The 20th century produced breathtaking advances in technology, along with numerous scientific discoveries, medical advances, political and economic storms and climatic extremes.

From the exploration of the natural world and the heavens to the sub-atomic, change compels us to adapt and modify the way we see, hear and experience the world around us.

Only eight years into the 21st century we have seen and experienced amazing progress in recent decades. From the subtle to the cataclysmic, change transforms the ordinary into something unexpected and astonishing.

Today, paradigm shifts are common-place, instigating epic dialogues between intellectuals, politicians, theologians, scientists, conservationists and many more -- all of whom will examine the fate of the world and ultimately....mankind.

CHANGE is just have to LISTEN.