Richard Hickox: Vaughan Williams Riders to the Sea

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Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958): Riders to the Sea, Opera in one Act based on the play by J.M.Singe (1925/1932).

1. Nora: Where is she?
2. Maurya: Isn't it turf enough you have (Start at 5'.48'')
3. Bartley: Where is the bit of new rope, Cathleen (Start at 7'.27'')
4. Maurya: He's gone now, God spare us (Start at 11'.48'')
5. Cathleen: Wait, Nora, maybe she'd turn back quickly (Start at 14'.59'')
6. Cathleen: You didn't give him his bit of bread? (Start at 19'.36'')
7. Maurya: I went down to the spring well (Start at 22'.05'')
8. Maurya: Bartley will be lost now (Start at 25'.14'')
9. Maurya: They are all gone now (Start at 30'.32'')
10.Maurya: And may he have mercy on my soul (Start at 36'.44'')

Maurya: Linda Finnie
Bartley: Karl Daymond
Cathleen: Lynne Dawson
Nora: Ingrid Attrot
A woman: Pamela Helen Stephen

Northern Sinfonia, Richard Hickox.