The Greatest Film Composers Episode 5

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On this episode:
The Original Soundtracks of The Avengers, Thor, Super 8, Batman Begins, The Last Samurai, Pearl Harbor, The Lion King, and Amadeus. Composers: Alan Silvestri, Michael Giacchino, Patrick Doyle, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

The Avengers OST
Soundtrack to the 2012 film. Music composed & conducted by Alan Silvestri.

01. Arrival (Alan Silvestri) [00:10]
02. Doors Open from Both Sides (Alan Silvestri) [03:12]
03. Tunnel Chase (Alan Silvestri) [05:58]
04. Stark Goes Green (Alan Silvestri) [08:36]
05. Helicarrier (Alan Silvestri) [11:24]
06. Subjugation (Alan Silvestri) [13:26]
07. Don't Take My Stuff (Alan Silvestri) [16:29]
08. Red Ledger (Alan Silvestri) [21:22]
09. Assault (Alan Silvestri) [26:29]
10. They Called It (Alan Silvestri) [30:54]
11. Performance Issues (Alan Silvestri) [33:38]
12. Seeing, Not Believing (Alan Silvestri) [37:04]
13. Assemble (Alan Silvestri) [41:42]
14. I Got a Ride (Alan Silvestri) [46:01]
15. A Little Help (Alan Silvestri) [50:15]
16. One Way Trip (Alan Silvestri) [53:17]
17. A Promise (Alan Silvestri) [59:07]
18. The Avengers (Alan Silvestri) [01:02:40]
19. Some Assembly Required (Bonus-Music Trailer) [01:04:48]

Thor OST Playlist
Soundtrack from the 2011 movie. Music composed by Patrick Doyle

Super 8 OST 
Soundtrack from the 2011 film. Music by Michael Giacchino


1. Super 8
2. Family Matters
3. Model Painting
4. Acting Chops
5. Aftermath Class
6. Thoughts Of Cubism
7. We'll Fix It In Post-Haste
8. Productions Woes
9. Train Of Thought
10. Circle Gets The Cube
11. Breen There, Ate That
12. Dead Over Heels
13. Gas And Go
14. Looking For Lucy
15. Radio Haze
16. Mom's Necklace*
17. Shootus Interuptus
18. Thoughts Of Mom
19. Woodward Bites It
20. Alice Projects On Joe
21. Neighborhood Watch - Fail
22. The Evacuation Of Lillian
23. A Truckload Of Trouble
24. Lambs On The Lam
25. Woodward's Home Movies
26. Spotted Lambs
27. Air Force HQ Or Bust
28. World's Worst Field Trip
29. The Siege Of Lillian
30. Creature Comforts 10:10
31. Letting Go
32. Super 8 Suite
33. The Case

Batman Begins OST 
Soundtrack from the 2005 film. Music composed by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard.

This is the complete original soundtrack from the movie Batman Begins. Composed by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard. Random fact: The titles of each of the tracks are taken from the latin names for different species of bats

0:00:01 Vespirtilio
0:02:53 Eptesicus
0:07:13 Myotis
0:13:00 Barbastella
0:17:46 Artibeus
0:22:03 Tadarida
0:27:10 Macrotus
0:34:46 Antrozous
0:38:45 Nycteris
0:43:10 Molossus
0:48:00 Corynorhinus
0:53:03 Lasiurus

The Last Samurai OST 
Soundtrack from the 2003 film. Score composed, arranged & produced by Hans Zimmer
Special Edition


1. Main Titles
2. They Are Not Ready
3. The Fog Battle
4. Journey to the Village
5. What Is your Name?
6. Nightmares
7. Village Life
8. Fight in the Rain
9. What Do You Want from Me?
10. New Attire
11. Fight to a Draw
12. The Ninja Attack
13. The Way of the Warrior
14. I Must Go Away
15. Nobutada's Shame
16. Emperor's Council
17. The Ronin Fight
18. Katsumoto's Escape/A Son's Death
19. A Man's Destiny
20. The Battlefield/The Final Charge/The Way of the Sword
21. They Are All Perfect
22. I Will Tell You How He Lived/Algren's Return/End Credits
23. Trailer
24. International Trailer
25. The Last Samurai Suite

Pearl Harbor OST Playlist
Soundtrack from the 2001 film. Music composed by Hans Zimmer

The Lion King OST < Score tracks from the 1994 film. Score composed by Hans Zimmer

Amadeus (1984): The Director's Cut - The Original Soundtrack (Sir Neville Marriner). Playlist

The original soundtrack to Amadeus reached on Billboard's album charts, making it one of the most popular recordings of classical music ever.
All of the tracks were composed by Mozart, save an early Hungarian folk tune and the final movement Quando Corpus Morietur et Amen by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, from his famous Stabat Mater.
The film features some music that is not included on the original soundtrack album release.
As stated above, except where specified, all tracks were performed by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, conducted by Sir Neville Marriner, and all were performed specifically for use in the film. According to the film commentary by Forman and Schaffer, Marriner agreed to score the film if Mozart's music was completely unchanged from Mozart's original scores.
Marriner did add some notes to Salieri's music that are noticeable in the beginning of the film, as Salieri begins his confession.