BEST OF INFOGRAPHICS: 10 Best-Selling Products in the World

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Comparison of World's Best-selling Products: Angry Birds Is A Game With Insance Sale Figures

Incredible Sales: 10 Best-Selling Products in the World

How much these products really sell from a “humongous” perspective? This infographic compares the total sales of top-selling products with something that you can easily grasp.

Coca-Cola sales: 1.8B servings daily
That’s like 2 out of 8 persons in the world drinking Coke every day!

Lay’s sales: 633M bags in a year (U.S.)
That’s heavier than the weight of an aircraft carrier!

PlayStation sales: 344M consoles sold since 1995
That’s like two Golden Gate Bridges if the weight of all consoles are totaled

Toyota Corolla sales: 40.7M cars sold since 1966
That’s like driving from NYC to L.A. back and forth 48 times if you put all Corollas bumper to bumper!

iPad sales: 211M tablets sold since 2010
That’s like circling the earth once if all iPads are put end to end by height

Angry Birds downloads: 2B
That’s like 29% of the world population if it’s one download per person!

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album sales: 70M albums sold since 1982
That’s like 15x the sale of One Direction’s first album!

Harry Potter book sales: 450M copies sold since 1997
That’s like 90% of total books sold worldwide in 2013!

iPhone sales: 516M phones sold since 2007
That’s more than all people in E.U.!

Rubik’s Cube sales: 350M cubes sold since 1980
That’s like 35x Hungary’s population, its country of origin

What other humongous-selling products can you think of?