Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 4: Work Hard, Play Harder

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Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 4: Work Hard, Play Harder

Wall Street Status:
The market is closed for the weekend
On Wall Street, when you work hard, you get to play even harder. This week, it's all about spending quality time and of course, quantity money. Tim tees off on the golf course before a night out with a model. Meanwhile, out in the Hamptons, Guy fits in some family time, and Sandra hits the polo club. Alex and his family barbeque, and he shows off his most favorite possession, his gleaming motorcycle.

English: 60 Wall Street
English: 60 Wall Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Street Talk:
Grey Market: The market in which a security it traded before it is issued properly on the Primary Market

OTC: Over the Counter, you trade and settle direct with another Counterpart e.g. bank, you do not settle via an Exchange

Registrar: The companies that register the ownership of the security and issue certificates of ownership, if you loose the certificate just contact the registrar

Spread: The difference between the buy and sell price, how the market maker makes money

Season One features the following people:
Timothy Sykes The Start-Up
Alex Gerchik The Day Trader
Sandra Navidi The Deal Maker
Parker Quillen The Portfolio Manager
Jill DiLosa The Analyst
Guy De Chimay The Fund Manager
Bob Nunn The Specialist

Wall Street Warriors is a documentary and reality TV series that details the lives of various Wall Street entrepreneurs.