Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 3: From Robes To Riches

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Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 3: From Robes To Riches

Wall Street Status:
The market is stable with only minor ups and downs
Parker investigates a company that he suspects is inflating their image to gain high stock values. Bob explains the ways of Wall Street to a young intern, while Sandra continues to meet with high-performing hedge fund managers. Tim continues to work from home and gets a visit from a zealous cleaning woman, his mother.

Street Talk:
1 Wall Street
1 Wall Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Covering the Short: Buy back stocks in order to replace the borrowed shares
Bearish: To believe the market will go down
Bottom Fishing: After a large sell-off or drop in the market, a slang term for picking oversold stocks
Bullish: The belief the market will go up
All the Boats Rise: When the stock market is quickly rising, there is a tendency for most stocks to increase in value due to over-optimism

Season One features the following people:
Timothy Sykes The Start-Up
Alex Gerchik The Day Trader
Sandra Navidi The Deal Maker
Parker Quillen The Portfolio Manager
Jill DiLosa The Analyst
Guy De Chimay The Fund Manager
Bob Nunn The Specialist

Wall Street Warriors is a documentary and reality TV series that details the lives of various Wall Street entrepreneurs.