All Things Occult Episode 13: The Lazarus Phenomenon (HD)

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All Things Occult Episode 13: The Lazarus Phenomenon (HD)

The Lazarus Phenomenon examines two true life documented accounts of men from different parts of the world each having a real life experience with life after death.

A pastor who tragically dies in an automobile accident experiences an encounter beyond the grave only to come back to life over 48 hours later.

Removed from the morgue and brought to the church where his parishioners refuse to let him go they begin to pray over his lifeless body. You will be shocked as were many onlookers that day as you watch the drama caught on tape. Before your eyes on actual footage captured that day the dead pastor begins to breathe again and comes back to life. With a signed death certificate in his hands he returns to spread the Word of God and tell his story of an encounter beyond the grave.

Ian McCormack never gave God much thought nor did he think about life after death until one tragic night he is stung multiple times by deadly jellyfish off the coast of a small island in the pacific.

A surfer, diver and worldwide adventurer he finds himself desperately seeking medical help after a deadly nighttime diving encounter. Through a tragedy of events re-enacted on this program he cannot get treatment in time and the poison from the venomous Jelly Fish exact their deadly toll. He departs this life only to catch a glimpse of what awaits us on the other side of the grave.

These two stories will both shock you and intrigue you. Are you ready for what lies ahead? Learn from those who have experienced ... "The Lazarus Phenomenon".