112 Hours Non-Stop With All Things Bitcoin (Grand Collection)

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How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

playlist - 6 videos 4 hours

1. The Bitcoin Revolution Is Just Beginning

2. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crash Course with Andreas Antonopoulos - Jefferson Club Dinner Meetup (Silicon Valley)

Former co-founder of Nemertes Research an Industry Analyst firm, Andreas is a broad-reaching technologist, who is well-versed in many technology subjects. He is a serial tech entrepreneur, having launched businesses in London, New York, and California, in the Bay Area. He has earned degrees in Computer Science, Data Communications and Distributed Systems. With experience ranging from hardware and electronics to high level business and financial systems technology consulting and decades as CTO/CIO/CSO in many companies — he combines authority and deep knowledge with an ability to make complex subjects easy to understand. He often brings a fresh perspective to a topic with surprising insights and his ability to identify underlying principles and connections between different topics. More than 200 of his articles on security, cloud computing and data centers have been published in print and syndicated worldwide. His many expertise include Bitcoin, crypto-currencies, Information Security, Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Data Centers, Linux, Open Source and robotics software development. He also has been CISSP certified for 12 years.

As a bitcoin entrepreneur, Andreas has founded three bitcoin businesses and launched several community open source projects. He often writes articles and blog posts on bitcoin and is a permanent host on Let's Talk Bitcoin and prolific public speaker at technology events and was a recent speaker/presenter at this year's San Jose Bitcoin 2013 Conference

3. Bitcoin 101 - Intro to Paper Wallets & Cold Storage - Bitcoin Security & Fun with Sloppy Wallets

4. Stanford Seminar - BTC: Bitcoin, a New Value Chain in China

Topics in International Technology Management: "New Value Chains and the Rise of Open Innovation in Asia." This series examines the impact of new technologies on industry value chains. Focus is placed on Silicon Valley-Asia connections and on the processes of open innovation that are co-evolving with the new value chains. Lectures feature distinguished speakers from industry and government.

5. Bitcoin: Why Should You Care?
Bitcoin is big news this week, but if you don't own the currency why should you care? From coding to crime, governments, banks and the end of money, the Wall Street Journal's Simon Constable explains.

6. Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin
Reihan Salam sits down with Jerry Brito, one of the leading experts on Bitcoin. Jerry is a senior research fellow at George Mason University's Mercatus Center and director of its Technology Policy Program. His research focuses on internet policy, copyright, and the regulatory process. Jerry was kind enough to walk us through the world of Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency that now has a few imitators.

playlist - 21 videos 7 hours
Bitcoin 101 Blackboard Series
A beginner's guide to all things bitcoin

The Bitcoin Minute is a short fast-paced news report focused on all bitcoin matters.
playlist - 11 videos 32 minutes

The Bitcoin Collection
A collection of videos by Stefan Molyneux on Bitcoin.
playlist - 11 videos 5 hours

Let's Talk Bitcoin! Full Episodes
playlist - 84 videos 90 hours

Atlanta 2013 Conference
playlist - 8 videos 5 hours

Bitcoin & The Future of Money Jeffrey Tucker's Crypto-Currency Conference October 5th, 2013 - Atlanta, GA, USA