World's Most Incredible Tribes Episode 1: Red Skinned Women

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Red skinned women (Himba tribe - Namibia)

English: Young Himba lady. Picture taken in Na...
Young Himba lady. Picture taken in Namibia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In Himba culture image and appearance are very important. They just have other plastic art that they create on their own body. No painting or sculpture mold, but devoted considerable time to embellish. The most precious ornaments, and they just look more privileged women, is a sea shell to get through exchanges with other neighboring tribes. A good conical shell can cost an ox.

Her hairstyle does not only have an aesthetic function, but also serves to express gender and social position. Periodically braids are undone to return to them. Redo a hairstyle usually lasts two days, and do not wash with water, but with ash.

But what really sets them apart and makes them unique is the reddish color of their skin. This comes from a dye that women often occur and earning valuable crushing stones with strong iron. The thin ocher powder mixed with cow butter mixture and cream gets a thick reddish. This not only serves an aesthetic function, but also provides effective protection against solar radiation and insect bites. To complete this peculiar (and only) daily grooming, they add to the mix some herbs. In fact, women only bathe in the river once in your life: the day before marriage.