Ultra-Luxury Life Episode 13: After Dark and The Cocktail Hour

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Ultra-Luxury Life Episode 13:

1.After Dark

What goes into making a fine cigar, a sumptuous piece of chocolate and a memorable port? Many have a love of certain things in life that inevitably follow a good meal, those after-dinner luxuries that make an evening special. In this film, William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated, discovers the craftsmanship that make up the perfect evening accoutrements.

2. The Cocktail Hour
William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated, goes in search of the perfect martini and discovers if the most famous cocktail in the world should be shaken or stirred. Also, in this fascinating programme, he unearths the history of the first cocktail and samples some of the world's finest cigars with leading expert Edward Sahakian of Davidoff in London.