The Wolf Of Wall Street with Film Writer Terence Winter

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The Wolf Of Wall Street with Terence Winter

The Wolf Of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, and the true story behind the film is discussed with film writer Terence Winter in this uncensored Media Mayhem interview. Winter's experience working on the Sopranos, plus his creation of Boardwalk Empire is also touched on in this fascinating look at The Wolf Of Wall Street, and he explains why the film of Jordan Belfort's book had to be the tour-de-force of sex, greed, and drugs that has become the most anticipated film of the year.

Terence Winter is an Emmy winning writer and producer for TV and film. A graduate of St. John's University School of Law he practiced law in New York City before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career. He has written for and produced The Sopranos, created Boardwalk Empire, and in addition to writing several movies he has written the new Martin Scorsese release, The Wolf of Wall Street.