The Future of Energy According to Bill Gates

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Bill Gates talks about the future of energy usage and his investments in alternatives to fossil fuels. He speaks with WSJ's Alan Murray at the 2012 ECO:nomics conference.

Bill Gates on Energy Innovation

The Fukushima nuclear disaster notwithstanding, technology entrepreneur Bill Gates would still bet on nuclear power as the energy source of the near future.

In a timely and interesting conversation from the 2011 WIRED Business Conference Wired, Gates points out that the nuclear plants of the future are not even remotely similar to the obsolete Fukushima design. There will be entirely new ways of ensuring plant safety.

It is now possible to simulate on a supercomputer all the possible scenarios: earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters in order to design and construct flawless systems.

The problem is that these "perfect" technologies -- some of them funded by Gates himself -- are not quite available for deployment. Not today, and not for many years to come.

So, what do we do in the meantime?

Bill Gates is speaking here with WIRED Magazine editor Chris Anderson.