Secrets of the Sexes Episode 2: Attraction (BBC One series)

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Secrets of the Sexes Episode 2: Attraction (BBC Documentary)

Are men and women's brains wired differently?
A new BBC One series delves into our minds to find out how we think and fall in love.

Can science predict sexual attraction? In a ground-breaking experiment, a team of scientists orchestrate a unique speed date with a hundred singletons to test their theories - with unexpected results. The scientists analyse our speed-daters bodies, faces, and psychological and social profiles to find out what the key predictors of sexual chemistry really are.

Looking for love is 32-year-old Beth Eagland. She's on a mission to find a husband but after four years of singles parties and surfing the net she has struck out. Peter Kerr is a 37-year-old politics lecturer who can never get beyond being just friends.

Our scientists believe they can find them the perfect mate where orthodox match-making methods have failed.