Unreal Eats Episode 1: What's Really In Your Yogurt?

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Unreal Eats Episode 1: What's Really In Your Yogurt?

The summertime favorite, which has evolved into a multi-million dollar business, might not be the innocent treat we like to think it is. Yogurt, by definition, only needs to include curdled milk and cultures, but the cold, hard truth is that many fro yo brands are loaded with hard-to-pronounce ingredients and sugar.

"The fact that there's yogurt in the name in no way exonerates what's in your cup," says David Katz, M.D., founding director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. "It's not an alternative to yogurt, it's an alternative to ice cream."

Producers: Amber Genuske, Meredith Melnick & Laura Schocker

Welcome to Huffington Post Healthy Living's new original video series Unreal Eats, where HuffPost goes behind calorie counts and health claims to examine what's really in the processed foods that scream loudest in our food environment.