The Funny Side of Live Music: Watch funny moments of your favorite stars live on stage

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Watch funny moments of your favorite stars live on stage!

1. Kanye West goes on ANOTHER mega rant on stage
2. Fan tries to drag Beyonce into crowd at Brazil concert!
3. Beyonce, V Festival, a bob + row over filming rights
4. Jay Z surprises Beyonce on stage with a kiss!
5. Diana Vickers forgets her trousers on stage?
6. Little Mix star gets pelted with bottle at gig
7. *WATCH* Beyonce catches hair in a fan!
8. Beyonce tells fan 'put that damn camera down'!
9. Rihanna swears at fans who pelt her with crisps!
10. Get ready for the Britian's Got Talent final!
11. Justin Bieber attacked on stage! | UBC
12. Beyonce Dazzles on new Tour! | First Look! | UBC
13. Beyonce Mrs Carter Show World Tour Begins!
14. Ant and Dec are back as PJ and Duncan - Let's Get Ready To Rumble!
15. Justin Timberlake helps a fan propose to girlfriend!

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