The Foods that Make Billions Episode 3: Pots of Gold

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The Foods that Make Billions Episode 3: Pots of Gold

This final episode tells the story of how yoghurt has been transformed from an unknown hippy food into a super food in 40 years. Along the way, yoghurt has driven a health revolution in the modern food business.

With access to the world's largest food companies, this film from the Money Programme team travels to Japan, Finland, France to explain how yoghurt's most important role has been to lead the food industry into the lucrative new market of functional food. The film explains how and why, today, all major food companies consider themselves less as processed food companies and more as health and wellness providers.

It's a story of how our changing attitudes to food and health have both shaped and been influenced by this extraordinary industry. The story of yoghurt tracks a changing and diversifying Britain, along the way delivering consumers enormous choice, and business enormous profits.

Series which tells the story of how big business feeds us by transforming simple commodities into everyday necessities and highly profitable brands