The Best Gadgets Review Episode 5: Mac Pro 2013

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The Best Gadgets Review Episode 5: Mac Pro 2013

David Pierce and The Verge Video Team review Apple's new 2013 Mac Pro. To a select few, Apple's diminutive desktop is exactly what they need — a sleek, relatively portable desktop with enough power to edit 4K video at (sometimes) blistering speeds. But for everyone else, the story of the new Mac Pro is one of diminishing returns.

Mac Pro 2013: get closer with our unboxing and hands-on review

The Mac Pro doesn't ship until at least January, but we've got one -- and we'd love to show it to you. Watch as we unbox our Mac Pro and give you a guided tour of it inside and out! We'll spend time benchmarking and testing the hell out of it, and we'll have a full review in issue 270 of MacFormat, out at the end of January 2014.

Apple Mac Pro 2013 Unboxing, Benchmarks and First Impressions (6 Core)

Let's look at the brand new radically redesigned Mac Pro for 2013/2014. With its unified thermal core, portable size, Dual FirePro AMD graphics and high end premium Intel Xeon Processors (available 12 cores) will this be the best Mac ever for video professionals and photographers? Lets unbox this 6 Core CPU version with D500 GPUs and Benchmark the mess out of it and give you some first impressions form this beast Desktop from Apple Computer.

2013 Mac Pro: Explained!

Hands-on with Apple's new Mac Pro desktop
The radically re-imagined pro-level desktop is built for 4K video.