BREAKING: NSA - What You Need To Know

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1. Report: NSA phone spying program illegal
A five-person board says the NSA phone data-mining program is illegal and ineffective. CNN's Tom Foreman reports.

2. Watchdog report: NSA surveillance illegal
CNN's Brian Todd combs through a new report commissioned by the government that says some NSA activity is illegal.

3. Independent review finds NSA bulk metadata program illegal
The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board concluded the National Security Agency's bulk phone metadata program is illegal, according a report released Thursday on their independent review of the program. "The Section 215 program has contributed only minimal value in combating terrorism beyond what the government already achieves through these and other alternative means," the report said. "Cessation of the program would eliminate the privacy and civil liberties concerns associated with bulk collection without unduly hampering the government's efforts." RT's Ameera David talks to retired Col. Morris Davis, a law professor at Howard University, about the PCLOB report and how it differs from President Barack Obama's proposed NSA reforms, outlined in a speech last Friday.

4. Snowden addresses Obama's NSA reforms
National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden held an online question-and-answer session on Thursday. Many people asked Snowden about his response to President Barack Obama's speech that outlined his proposals to reform the NSA. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board also weighed in on Obama's reforms Thursday, releasing a report that the NSA's bulk phone records collection program is illegal and useless for preventing terrorism. RT's Ameera David talks to political commentator Sam Sacks, who has been following Snowden's chat session closely.

5. NSA Spied on Toyota Execs In Order To Give Trade Secrets To American Auto Companies

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He enjoys causing trouble for the New World Order, exposing corrupt scumbag politicians, and pointing out Big Brother's prying eyes. The term "fighting the New World Order" is used by Mark to describe some of his activities, and refers to his and others' resistance and opposition (The Resistance) to the overall system of political corruption, illegal wars, elite secret societies, mainstream media, Big Brother and privacy issues; as well as various economic and social issues. This Resistance involves self-improvement, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and spiritual growth.

Mark Dice is the author of several popular books on secret societies and conspiracies, including The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, and his newest book, Illuminati in the Music Industry, which are available in paperback on, or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook or Google Play. While much of Mark's work confirms the existence and continued operation of the Illuminati today, he is also dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes and separating the facts from the fiction; hence the "Facts & Fiction" subtitle for several of his books. He has a bachelor's degree in communication from California State University.

6. President Obama's Full NSA Speech
At a major speech outlining revisions to U.S. intelligence operations, Barack Obama announced a number of new procedures for the NSA, including an end to the phone tapping of world allies.

7. NSA's Largest Spy Center Located in Utah

This Largest Spy center is Located in Bluffdale Utah, and should be running by September 2013. It will be the latest Eavesdropping Facility that will be used to record: phone conversations, all your transactions, your every move on the internet, including private emails, photos, video survillence . Its stated and updated it will be able to store a Yottabyte of information (Upgraded from Zettabyte), it will make a file of you, and will track your every information and be able to notice patterns that would raise alarm if a threat were to be found. This tracking will be done secretly and monitored by gov. officials, it is said it will stop tracking you once your deceased.


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