The Best of Brian Greene Episode 1: The Elegant Universe (All 3 Eps)

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The Best of Brian Greene Episode 1: The Elegant Universe series
Brian Greene at the World Science Festival lau...
Brian Greene at the World Science Festival launch press conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings. It's not science fiction, it's string theory.

Based on the Brian Greene's bestseller The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

The Elegant Universe 1 of 3
Einstein's Dream: Combining the laws of the universe in one theory that explains it all is the Holy Grail of physics.

The Elegant Universe 2 of 3
String's the Thing: Do miniscule vibrating strands of energy hold the key to a unified theory of physics?

The Elegant Universe 3 of 3
Welcome to the 11th Dimension: Will experimental particle physics confirm the wild predictions of string theory?
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Brian Greene, one of the world's leading string theorists, peels away layers of mystery to reveal a universe that consists of eleven dimensions, where the fabric of space tears and repairs itself, and all matter—from the smallest quarks to the most gargantuan supernovas—is generated by the vibrations of microscopically tiny loops of energy. The Elegant Universe makes some of the most sophisticated concepts ever contemplated accessible and thoroughly entertaining, bringing us closer than ever to understanding how the universe works.

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