The 10 Best Ads of 2013

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The 10 Best Ads of 2013 According to Adweek - playlist:

Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" screenshot
10. Kmart "Ship My Pants"
Agency: Draftfcb, Chicago
Director: Zach Math, Bob Industries

Client: Kmart
Vice President, Marketing Planning: Andrew Stein
Vice President, Creative: Mark Andeer
Vice President, Chief Digital Marketing Officer: Bill Kiss

Agency: Draftfcb, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
Kmart "Ship My Pants" screenshot
Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jon Flannery
Senior Vice President, Creative Director: Howie Ronay
Vice President, Creative Director, Copywriter: Sean Burns
Agency Producer: Chris Bing

Production Company: Bob Industries
Executive Producers: T.K. Knowles, John O'Grady, Chuck Ryant
Producer: Brian Etting
Director: Zach Math

9. Chipotle "The Scarecrow"
Agency: CAA Marketing, Los Angeles
Animation: Moonbot Studios

Watch "The Scarecrow," the companion film for Chipotle's new app-based game. Then download the free app at and join the quest for wholesome, sustainable food.

The song "Pure Imagination" performed by Grammy Award®--winning artist Fiona Apple, is available for download on iTunes.

Client: Chipotle
Agency: CAA Marketing
Animation: Moonbot Studios
Music: Fiona Apple
Music Supervision: duotone audio group

8. Robinsons "Pals"
Agency: BBH, London
Directors: Si & Ad, Academy Films

Client: Robinsons
Agency: BBH, London

BBH Creative Team: Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke, Sarah Hardcastle, Elliot Shiels
BBH Creative Directors: Hamish Pinnell, Justin Moore
BBH Producer: Glenn Paton
BBH Strategic Business Leads: John Harrison, Becky Russell
BBH Strategist: Lilli English
BBH Team Director: Alex Monger

Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Si & Ad
Executive Producer: Lizie Gower
Producer: Dom Thomas
Director of Photography: Barry Ackroyd
Postproduction: The Mill
Editor, Editing House: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Sound: Nick Angell

7. Volvo Trucks "The Epic Split feat. Van Damme"
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Sweden
Director: Andreas Nilsson, Folke Film

Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme carry out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before, JCVD says it's the most epic of splits -- what do you think?

This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering -- a world first technology that makes the new Volvo FM easier to drive.

Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take.
Directed by Andreas Nilsson
Soundtrack by Enya: Only Time

Client: Volvo Trucks
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden
Agency Producer: Alexander Blidner
Director: Andreas Nilsson, Folke Film

6. Nike "Possibilities"
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig, MJZ

We're all capable of a little more -- a little faster, a little higher, a little stronger, a little more. And when we look at all of the little things we've done, we'll see the big things we're doing.

Client: Nike
Spot: "Possibilities"

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Global Creative Directors: Alberto Ponte, Ryan O’Rourke
Agency Executive Producer: Matt Hunnicutt
Copywriter: Edward Harrison
Art Director: Sezay Altinok
Agency Producer: Anna Smith
Agency Associate Producer: Kirsten Acheson
Account Supervisor: Vanessa Miller
Account Director: Karrelle Dixon
Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz
Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples, Susan Hoffman
Business Affairs Manager: Amber Lavender

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Producer: Suza Horvat
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
First Assistant Directorts: Cliff Lanning, John Lowe, Todd Thompson
Production Designers: Jeremy Hindle, Peter Andrus
Wardrobe Stylists: Keith Wager, Charlotte Chadwick
Location Manager: Dave Doumeng
Production Supervisor: Evan Wilson
Sports Coordinators: Mike Fisher, Darren Tyson White
Spain Production Company: Widescope Productions
Service Executive Producer: IƱaki Villarias
Service Line Producer: Karim El Masri

Editing Company: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Angus Wall
Post Producer: Toby Louie
Post Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
Assistant Editor: Austyn Daines

Visual Effects Company: A52
Visual Effects Executive Producers: Megan Meloth, Jennifer Sofio Hall
Visual Effects Producer: Scott Boyajan
Visual Effects Supervisor: Andy McKenna
Computer Graphics Supervisor: Kirk Shintani
Massive Pipeline Technical Director: Chris Janney
Color, Lighting Lead: Ian Ruhfass
Flame Artists: Andy Barrios, Hugh Seville, Paul Heagney, Steve Wolff, Cameron Coombs, David Parker
Computer Graphics Artists: Adam Carter, Caleb Hecht, Tom Connors, Tim Donlevy, Vivian Su, Joe Chiechi, Wendy Pham, Cody Woodard, Joe Panliagua, Michael Lori, Adam Newman, Andrew Romatz, Shelby Strong

Music: "Future Starts Slow" by The Kills
Sound Design: Barking Owl

Mix Company: Lime Studios
Mixers: Rohan Young, Loren Silber
Producer: Jessica Locke
Voiceover: Bradley Cooper

5. Dick's Sporting Goods "Every Pitch"
Agency: Anomaly, New York
Director: Derek Cianfrance,

DICK'S Sporting Goods Baseball Commercial - Every Pitch

Lights are on. Stakes are high. When you step onto the mound, it's your moment to be UNTOUCHABLE.

Make every pitch this season count with DICK'S

Client: Dick's Sporting Goods
Spot: "Every Pitch"

Agency: Anomaly
CCO: Mike Byrne
Creative Director: Seth Jacobs
Creatives: Taylor Twist, Mike Warzin
Brand Director: Damien Reid
Head of Broadcast Production: Andrew Loevenguth
Producer: Chris Noble

Production Company:
Director: Derek Cianfrance
Director of Photography: Peter Deming
Executive Producers: Donna Portaro, Frank Scherma
Executive Producer / Line Producer: Tommy Turtle
Production Designer: Gill Gayle

VFX Studio: A52
VFX Supervisor / Flame Artist: Andy McKenna
CG Supervisor: Kirk Shintani
2D VFX Artist(s): Andy McKenna, David Parker
3D Artists: Joe Chiechi
PreViz Artist: Matt Neapolitan
Producer: Scott Boyajan
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall, Megan Meloth

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Biff Butler
Assistant Editor: Dan DeWinter
Executive Producer: Eve Kornblum
Producer: Melanie Gagliano

Color Correction Facility: CO3 NY
Colorist: Tom Poole

Music: MAS - Music and Strategy
Executive Producer: James Alvich
Producer: Alex Derhohannesian
Music Composers: Eric Hachikien and John Jennings Boyd
Sound Design: Brian Emrich
Mix Studio: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Rob Sayers

4. Geico "Hump Day"
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Director: Wayne McClammy, Hungry Man

Client: Geico

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Steve Bassett
Creative Director: Wade Alger
Creative Director, Art Director: Sean Riley
Senior Copywriter: Ken Marcus
Executive Broadcast Producer: Molly Souter
Producer: Samantha Tucker
Junior Producer: Emily Taylor
Strategic Planner: Melissa Cabral
Group Account Director: Chris Mumford
Account Director: Liz Toms
Account Supervisor Parker Collins
Account Coordinator: Carter Crenshaw
Project Manager: Susan Karns

Group Talent Director: Suzanne Wieringo
Production Business Manager: Amy Trenz

Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Wayne McClammy
Director of Photography: Tim Ives
Executive Producer, Managing Partner: Kevin Byrne
Producer: Nate Young
Production Supervisor: Steve Ruggieri

Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Ian MacKenzie
Editor: Dave Koza
Assistant Editor: Carmen Hu
Editorial Producer: Evan Meeker
Director of Operations: Biz Lunskey

Visual Effects: The Mill
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Producer: Colin Blaney
Shoot Supervisor: Tony Robins
2-D Lead Artist: Randy McEntee
2-D Artists: Tony Robins, Paul Downes, Jamin Clutcher
Art Support: Rob Meade
3-D Lead Artist: Kevin Ives
3-D Artists: Billy Dangyoon Jang, Olivier Varteressian, Laurent Giaume, Justin Diamond, Sean Dooley, Joshua Merck, Hassan Taimur, Wyatt Savarese, Samuel Crees, Ross Scroble

Audio Post, Sound Design: Rainmaker Studios
Engineer: Jeff McManus
Music: "Happier Than" theme song by Adam Schlesinger

Principal Actors in Spot:
"Ronny" - Alex Harvey
"Jimmy" - Timothy Cole
Musical Duo in all spots

"Hump Day"
"Mike" - Michael Clark
"Julie" - Lindsay Stoddart
"Leslie" - Leslie Tsina
"Camel VO" - Chris Sulivan
Voiceover announcer: Andrew Anthony

3. Guinness "Basketball"
Agency: BBDO, New York
Director: Noam Murro, Biscuit Filmworks

Client: Guinness
Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Mike Smith
Executive Creative Director: Will Boudreau
Senior Creative Director/Art Director: Dan Lucey
Senior Creative Director/Copywriter: Chris Beresford-Hill
Senior Creative Director/Copywriter: Tom Kraemer
Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Executive Producer: Kevin Wilson
Senior Content Producer: Tricia Lentini
Executive Music Producer: Loren Parkins
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Colleen O'Donnell
Line Producer: Emily Skinner
Edit House: Work Editorial Inc
Editor: Neil Smith
Assistant Editor: Adam Witten
Sound Design: Brian Emrich
Sound Mixer: Tom Jucarone
DOP: Simon Duggan
Color: CO3
VFX: Absolute Post

2. RAM "Farmer"
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas

And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So God made a farmer.

God said, "I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the field, milk cows again, eat supper, then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board." So God made a farmer.

God said, "I need somebody willing to sit up all night with a newborn colt and watch it die, then dry his eyes and say,'Maybe next year,' I need somebody who can shape an ax handle from an ash tree, shoe a horse with hunk of car tire, who can make a harness out hay wire, feed sacks and shoe scraps. Who, during planting time and harvest season will finish his 40-hour week by Tuesday noon and then, paining from tractor back, put in another 72 hours." So God made the farmer.

God said, "I need somebody strong enough to clear trees and heave bales, yet gentle enough to yean lambs and wean pigs and tend the pink-comb pullets, who will stop his mower for an hour to splint the leg of a meadowlark."

It had to be somebody who'd plow deep and straight and not cut corners. Somebody to seed, weed, feed, breed, and brake, and disk, and plow, and plant, and tie the fleece and strain the milk, . Somebody who'd bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing, who would laugh, and then sigh and then reply with smiling eyes when his son says that he wants to spend his life doing what Dad does. "So God made a farmer."

Client: RAM
Agency: The Richards Agency, Dallas
Creative Group Head/Copywriter: Rob Baker
Creative Group Head/Art Director: Jimmy Bonner
Producer: Paul Nelson
Art Buyer/Producer: Deb Grisham
Photography: William Allard, Andy Anderson, Jim Arndt, Daniel Beltra, Mark Gooch, Andy Mahr, Kurt Markus, David Spielman, Matt Turley, Olaf Veltman
Editor: Brent Herrington, 3008
Sound Engineer: Matt Cimino

1. Dove "Real Beauty Sketches"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Brazil
Director: John X. Carey, Paranoid US

Women are their own worst beauty critics. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. So, we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.

Client: Dove
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Brazil
Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Copywriter: Hugo Veiga
Art Director: Diego Machado
Agency Producer: Veronica Beach
Production Company: Paranoid US
Director: John X Carey
Director of Photography: Ed David
Producer: Stan Sawicki
Executive producer: Jamie Miller
Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Paul Kumpata
Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
Colorist: Sean Coleman, Company 3
Sound Mix: Subtractive
Original music: Keith Kenniff, Unseen Music