Modern Masters Episode 3: Picasso - Genius of Modern Art

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Modern Masters Episode 3: Picasso - Genius of Modern Art (BBC Documentary)

"Boy with a Pipe (Garçon à la pipe)" (1905) Oil on canvas by Pablo Picasso. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"When I was a child, my mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier, you'll be a general. If you become a monk you'll end up as the Pope.' Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso."
Pablo Picasso

The life of Pablo Picasso is an exciting story of rebellion, riches, women and great art. In this episode of a four-part series dedicated to Modern Art, journalist Alastair Sooke travels through France, Spain and the US to see some of the artist's great works and recount tales from his life story.

Talking to architects, fashion experts and artists, he investigates how Picasso's influence, particularly that of his Cubist work, continues to pervade modern life today, in the shape of buildings, interior design, clothes and of course contemporary art. Tracking down former Picasso model Sylvette David to her current home in Britain, he also hears how Picasso's images of her inspired the look of screen siren Brigitte Bardot.

The name Picasso is a byword for revolutionary technique and the story of Picasso is the story of the modern genius. Always at the forefront of change, Picasso excelled at almost everything he touched and constantly evolved his style to break new ground.
Family of Saltimbanques (1905, Pablo Picasso) ...
Family of Saltimbanques (1905, Pablo Picasso) located inside the National Gallery of Art's West Building in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He marched through Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism, revolutionising painting and sculpture along the way. By the end of his career, his signature had become synonymous with brilliance.

Four artists who changed our world
The life and enduring influence of Matisse, Picasso, Dali and Warhol explained and explored.

Modern Masters is a four-part television series detailing the life and work of four giants of 20th century art: Henri Matisse; Pablo Picasso; Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. During the course of the series, presenter and journalist, Alastair Sooke, explores why these artists are considered so important and examines how their influence can still be seen in our world today.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Oil on Canvas (244 ...
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Oil on Canvas (244 x 234 cm). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
About Alastair Sooke
Alastair Sooke is an arts journalist and broadcaster. He has written extensively on the arts for the Daily Telegraph and has been a contributor to a number of arts programmes, including The Culture Show on BBC Two.

He has interviewed many of the most celebrated artists in the world, including Anthony Caro, Gilbert & George, Antony Gormley, Richard Hamilton, Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons, Steve