Fashion Week Episode 1: Best of Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

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Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Review

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Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 playlist

1. Lanvin Men Spring/Summer 2014
Because Alber Elbaz realizes the world has been overtaken by social media (everything can be found on an Internet search or snapped through a phone these days), Elbaz decided he wanted his menswear collection to be that much more authentic and organic. Thus, he and designer Lucas Ossendrijver worked on bringing Lanvin back to luxury and focused on how the collection felt rather than how it looked.

2.Carven Men Spring/Summer 2014
PARIS - For his Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week, Guillarme Henry imagined a painter in the South of France who was spontaneous and elegant and trying to make a living. Colors, elongated silhouettes, tapered trousers, and luxe fabrics were more prominent than even silhouettes here.

3. Cerruti Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
Aldo Maria Camillo called his Cerruti collection "the quest of softness" for Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 was a Nino Cerruti signature collection, paying homage to the refined gentleman feel of Cerruti even with sportswear. It's no surprise that Camillo was once the menswear designer for Valentino. Again, the mix of casual and tailored was key here.

4. Juun J Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
"Ununiform" is the name of the Juun J. collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week with a line inspired by a new interpretation of something that has already been seen from the brand. It's also the designer's take on the idea of sportswear and formal wear -- or as we've seen trending this season -- the idea of casual and tailoring. The juxtaposition of male and female clothing also hit home here.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Men Spring/Summer 2014
At the Jean Paul Gaultier presentation for Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014, the models walked to the center of the space. Behind them was a large projection of the clothes they were wearing -- so that onlookers could see the innermost details. In fact, this collection was full of optical illusions -- things were never quite as they appeared -- including the clothes themselves, which included colorful floral prints, unique pinstripe suiting in a casual vibe, and zippers that were not what you would normally expect. But isn't that the essence of a JPG collection anyway?

6. Songzio Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
Songzio's inspiration for Spring/Summer 2014 is "Pine Forest" although this is a far stretch based on the actual collection for Paris Men's Fashion Week. In this case, the pine forest is red and dripping like blood.

7. Kenzo Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
The Kenzo show for Spring/Summer 2014 at Paris Men's Fashion Week was worth every minute from the unique set up at the Academie Fratellini circus school in Saint Denis to the models who ordered to line up based on color combination. The show was once again exemplified Humberto Leon and Carol Lim's surfer style at its finest. Models moved down from the stage to a circular runway at a fast pace. The "New Wave" vibe was felt throughout -- literally -- in images of waves printed on teese, in the blue and white tones and in the knitwear. Also worth noting -- the black and white street art and line prints.

8. Dries Van Noten Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
There's the notion of floral prints for men that sometimes comes off as very feminine, but Dries van Noten has never been one to follow the rules. So it wasn't a question that he would use a flower theme in his menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2014 at Paris Men's Fashion Week this season. He based his floral themes on icons like Jimi Hendrix, Oscar Wilde, and Louis XVI, a strange but sound mix that sometimes worked when it went down the runway in luxe prints and textures.

9. Givenchy Men Spring/Summer 2014
Givenchy is having a big moment this season, thanks to its head designer Riccardo Tisci, and it doesn't stop at womenswear. For Spring/Summer 2014, Tisci brought out all the stops where prints were concerned, dishing out breathtaking imagery in an urban way by combining elements that wouldn't normally be seen together. From computer hard drives to sports jerseys to dart boards -- the action was all here with a crazy and cool mix of motifs not seen anywhere else.

10. Louis Vuitton Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
Mismatched prints and colors that don't typically go together was only the starting point of this Spring/Summer 2014 Louis Vuitton collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week, where the checkered suits and prepster letter jackets gave way to camel colors and urban designs. This collection was about American culture through the traveling man in the way the world sees it. Designer Kim Jones gave the fans city, green, and desert with an iconic 1960s American sportswear meets high school prom addition.

11. Julius Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
The dark aesthetic is key for a Julius collection and the fact that this brand is showcasing for Spring/Summer 2014 at Paris Men's Fashion Week made no difference. Designer Tatsuko Horikawa came out with another dark and dreary line, with the only change being the fact that sleeves were shortened for the warmer months.

12. Alibellus Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
A free bird theme was part of the focus for the Alibellus collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week where designer Titi Kwan pictured a bird taking flight as his inspiration for Spring/Summer 2014. The feeling of being free and unrestrained was also captured through the fact that the models were walking barefoot without shoes on the runway. Unique shapes brought out that feeling as well.

13. Walter Van Beirendock Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
If you thought there weren't enough graphics in menswear for Spring/Summer 2014, then you haven't seen what's been happening at Paris Men's Fashion Week jsut yet! Walter Van Beirendonck presented one of the most graphic collections of the season, based on an inspiration of the home. It was the color block elements, the graphic wallpaper motifs and the patted down platinum blonde hair that really go the crowd going.

14. John Lawrence Sullivan Men Spring/Summer 2014
The silhouettes and colors of this collection made the John Lawrence Sullivan line utterly mod and even somewhat futuristic at Paris Men's Fahsion Week Spring/Summer 2014. While there was a lack of graphics, the blue, green and red tones, the shapes of the suits, and the Bermuda shorts were what really won the audience over.

15. 22/4 Hommes Femmes Spring/Summer 2014 Show
Elongated button downs with fitted collars and mod pieces made up the 22/4 Hommes Femmes Spring 2014 collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week, which also featured women and androgynous clothing, in an obvious trend of the season.

16. Valentino Men Spring/Summer 2014 Show
For their Spring 2014 collection at Paris Men's Fashion Week, designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli went for military structure with a dose of luxury. The unique thing was -- they did it through denim, using different washes and strips of fabric. Of course, what would a Chiuri/Piccioli/Valentino masterpiece be without a motif -- floral, camouflage, and a toile de Jouy fabric were all part of the greater plan.

17. David Beckham Front Row at Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014
FashionTV is awaiting the arrivals at the Louis Vuitton men's show in Paris for Paris Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. We spot David Beckham, who looks dapper as always, on hand to support designers Kim Jones and Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.