USA Chamber Players: Edgar Stillman Kelley Piano Quintet Op. 20

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Edgar Stillman Kelley (1857-1944): Piano Quintet in f#, Op. 20 (1907)

American composer Edgar Stillman Kelley was very active in composing, writing and teaching. Among his many works are compositions based upon Chinese motifs, although many consider Kdelly to be an "Indianist." Among his many works are songs, chamber and instrumental works, two symphonies, suites and theater music. Sadly, his music remains largely unknown. Only two commercial recordings are available at this time, although some of his music exists on in-house or air-check recordings of concerts. His major opus, his "New England Symphony (Symphony No. 2)," remains unrecorded and unplayed in these latter times,

This Piano Quintet (Op. 20) was composed in 1906 while Kelly was in Berlin. Here it is played by the USA Chamber Players.