The Consort of Musicke: John Dowland The Complete First and Second 'Booke of Songes'

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John Dowland: The complete "First booke of songes" (1597)(The Consort of Musicke)
Anthony Rooley, lute
ensemble The Consort of Musicke

I. Unquiet thoughts 00:00
II. Who ever thinks or hopes of love for love 04:07
III. My thoughts are wing'd 06:38
IV. If my complaints could passions move 09:37
V. Can she excuse my wrongs 13:05
VI. Now, o now, I needs must part 16:10
VII. Dear, if you change 20:38
VIII. Burst forth, my tears 24:07
IX. Go, crystal tears 28:02
X. Thinkst thou then by thy feigning 31:44
XI. Come away, come sweet love 33:38
XII. Rest a while, you cruel cares 36:06
XIII. Sleep, wayward thoughts 39:33
XIV. All ye, whom love or fortune hath betray'd 43:14
XV. Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me 47:43
XVI. Would my conceit that first enforc'd my woe 49:52
XVII. Come again, sweet love doth now invite 57:05
XVIII. His golden locks 01:01:42
XIX. Awake, sweet love, thou art return'd 01:05:50
XX. Come, heavy sleep 01:08:37
XXI. Away with these self-loving lads 01:13:07

The complete "Second booke of songes" (1600):

I. I saw my lady weep
II. Flow my tears
III. Sorrow, stay
IV. Die not before thy day
V. Mourn, day is with darkness fled
VI. Time's eldest son
VII. Then sit thee down
VIII. When others sing Venite
IX. Praise blindness eyes
X. O sweet woods
XI. If floods of tears
XII. Fine knacks for ladies
XIII. Now dease my wand'ring eyes
XIV. Come ye heavy states of night
XV. White as lilies was her face
XVI. Woeful heart
XVII. A shepherd in a shade
XVIII. Faction that ever dwells
XIX. Shall I sue
XX. Toss not my soul
XXI. Clear or cloudy
XXII. Humour say what mak'st thou here