The 'Baron von der Leyen' Stradivarius of 1705

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'Baron von der Leyen' Stradivarius of 1705, a Golden Period Stradivarius that has been in private hands for the past 40 years. Eight talented young musicians were presented with the violin, without being told in advance what they were going to be shown.

Jason Price, Director of Tarisio, said, "We are exceptionally lucky that we are able to help so many musicians find their perfect instruments. Trying great instruments is very important to a developing musical career and watching young players try a Strad is priceless." Invited were eight of the best young musicians in the country: Jennifer Choi, Bella Hristova, Stefan Jackiw, Nick Kendall, Pauline Kim Harris, Kristin Lee, Asi Matathias and Arnaud Sussmann.

In addition to their experience with the 'Baron von der Leyen', each musician was asked to share their story of how they found their violin. Each story is a quick glimpse into the process of a musician in search of their perfect instrument.